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Watery Grave is an achievement in the Shadow Plague. It requires that the Templar scientists are drowned before they can conduct experiments on the Shadow Pool.

How to get this achievement?

  • Recommended genes:
  • Do NOT let humans discover your vampire too soon, or you are done. Evolve Night Wraith and keep moving other countries after some time to avoid detection.
  • You can spread your disease to gain more DNA points, but don't get spotted too soon.
  • Leave Templar fortresses alone. They have to hold their position before investigating the Shadow Pool.
  • Trigger this event. You'll see "Caver in Turkey discovers deepest ever cave network" in the news banner.
  • Now you can start spreading your disease, i.e. evolving Shadow Blessing. You can also set up some lairs to gain DNA points.
  • After a while, "Cavers expect to discover new species in Turkey cave network" will show up in the news banner.
  • Then the first pop-up news entitled "Shadow Pool discovered in Turkey" will show up.

- If you don't evolve Bat 3, or you failed to infect Turkey in time, "Shadow Pool hosts unique ecosystem" will appear instead.

  • The following news will appear in the news banner afterwards.
    • Shadow Pool organisms baffle scientific community
    • Shadow Pool organisms 'billions of years old'
  • Now it's time to reveal your vampire and plague to the world!
  • Fully infect Turkey by evolving Blood Gift, Dark Cloud, Shadow Trail and Corrupted Air.
  • Make a fuzz, evolve symptoms that increases infectivity and keep harvesting DNA points via Blood Rage at the same time.
  • Wait until Templars show up, don't attack them but rather wait.
  • The final branching point is coming. "First vampire 'came from Shadow Pool'" will pop up.
  • Now evolve Muscular Hypotrophy. Turkey will be filled with Shadow Slaves. Soon, "Templar mission to Shadow Pool fails" will pop up, stating that Templar scientists were overpowered by Shadow Slaves and drowned in the Shadow Pool.