Water 1
Water transmission@2x

DNA Cost

9, 13 (Shadow Plague)


Pathogen can survive outside the body in fresh, warm water. Increase infectivity, especially in humid environments and ship transmission.

Next Transmission

Water 2


+4 Infectivity +9 Sea Transmission +0.8 Humid Effectiveness

Water 1 is a tier 1 transmission. It increases infectivity, with a bonus in humid environments. It also increases your plague's transmission abilities, allowing it a higher likelihood that it will contaminate ships, thereby infecting new countries.

Outside of the Fungus, Neurax Worm, Simian Flu, and Necroa Virus, this transmission is one of the only ways to infect island countries that only have sea ports, such as the Caribbean and Greenland.

Sometimes, there can be an event that stops ships from being infected. To counter it, simply evolve water 1.

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