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« Virus are infectious agents around 150 nanometers in length. Only able to replicate inside the living cells of other organisms - their genetic makeup encourages unpredictable mutations. »
— Description of Virus in Plague Inc.: The Board Game

The Virus is a standard plague type in both Plague Inc. and Plague Inc: Evolved.


The Virus is a standard plague type introduced in version 1.0. It possesses a high natural tendency to mutate traits alongside its ability Viral Instability, but it struggles to neutralize these mutations. and so requires a different play-style that relies on fast enough infection to nullify any human counter-attack. The gene Darwinist best complements this natural ability, while Creationist can make the mutation rate seemingly more controllable. This is crucial as without the assistance of other genes, it can only mutate symptoms, and that free symptoms can help late game (especially Mega-Brutal) when the early transmission was properly handled. Additionally, devolving traits will cost DNA, increasing as more are done unless the Translesion + Gene is included to prevent the increment.

Cure Mode

In Cure Mode, Virus presents certain characteristics that make it difficult to detect, one of them is that it is highly asymptomatic, so responses such as Contact Tracing lose some effectiveness. Also in this mode, the player presents other challenges when dealing with a virus pandemic, in which most people think it is just a common flu, so people don't take quarantines seriously, which increases Non-Compliance. The player can use certain special operations to reduce Non-Compliance by making public alerts so that people take quarantines seriously, and the player can use another special operation to increase their authority. Additionally, in this mode, the symptoms of the virus mainly affect the respiratory system.

Special Ability

The special ability for Virus is Viral Instability. It makes DNA unstable, which further increases the number of random mutations to occur.


  • In the Multiplayer Mode, the virus has a small disadvantage because in this mode it is more difficult for this type of disease to spread in rich countries, as it has a -0.005 adaption/effectiveness by default for these countries. However, the virus has a advantage in the Multiplayer, as it has a default cure resistance of +0.05 (As a percentage: 5%), while other standard plagues have no such benefit.[1]
    • In Evolution of 20 of Plague Inc.: Evolved released in July 2016, some disease-related aspects were balanced, including virus' resistance towards cure.[2]
  • In June 2016, the Virus disease type was added to Plague Inc.: The Board Game. Among the abilities that this type of disease has in the board game, it includes Genetic Switch that allows the player to exchange one evolved card for another. Another ability is Random Mutation, which allows the player to evolve a trait card randomly at a discount.[3]
  • The virus playable is said to have DNA; in real life, DNA viruses are relatively stable, while the RNA viruses are known to be genetically unstable, with differing degrees.

Stages of Evolution

Stage 1
Stage 2
Virus 3.png
Stage 3
Stage 4

Cure Mode Traits

Main Article: Cure Mode

Trait Descriptions

  1. Fever: Increase in temperature, contagiousness and severe dehydration, which can be fatal
  2. Coughing: Chance of infection by spreading pathogen into surroundings. Increases infectivity
  3. Sneezing: Fluid discharge through sneezing greatly increases infection rates
  4. Systemic Infection: Pathogen affects multiple organs and tissue types, causing body-wide infections that spread fast and can be fatal
  5. Highly Asymptomatic: Many cases are asymptomatic but still contagious. Contact tracing is less effective
  6. Well Understood: Does not need to be analysed before control actions can be taken
  7. Pneumonia: Large swathes of infected tissue lose blood supply and become fatally gangrenous



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