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Popup Vampire

A Vampire.

Vampires are supernatural creatures unique to the Shadow Plague. They are responsible for helping spread the Shadow Plague throughout the world. The first vampire was buried centuries ago when they were near death after being infected with a sentient plague. The vampires can be directly controlled by the player by using the Therianthropy active ability to move from country to country, which can be done to launch attacks on labs or Templar fortresses, or simply to infect other countries. The reusable symptom Vampiric Awakening can be used to produce extra vampires while increasing lethality. The active ability Blood Rage can be used to attack labs and Templar fortresses. Vampires can also build lairs, which can be used to heal and travel quickly.

Unlike their counterparts zombies and apes, not all hosts to the Shadow Plague are capable of becoming vampires. Thus, the number of vampires are more sparse than zombies and apes. Also, if the symptom Shadow Slaves has been evolved, the infected will fight for you and the Vampire(s) and will cause chaos to disrupt the resistance, they also may wage war and take over countries.


Trivia Edit

  • Unlike typical vampires, these ones are not affected by sunlight, as there is no day/night cycle in the game.
  • Vampires can only be made from humans, similar to Zombies. However, it takes significant effort for the Shadow Plague to find a viable host.
  • Vampires will ban garlic if the Shadow Plague has Shadow Slaves, showing that in this game, they dislike it, just like in other forms of popular culture.
    • Ironically, Garlic doesn't seem to do much against Vampires in this game.
  • On occasion, countries will organize vigilante gangs to fight vampires. They could pose a reasonable¬† threat as it will drain a Vampire's health. Simply overpowering them or retreating to safe areas will solve the problem. However, if health is sufficient, then it's advised to ignore them.
    • A fully powered Blood Rage will do more than replenish health lost to these gangs.
  • Almost of their power must be improved at the abilities category, which, in this case, is renamed as "Vampires" category.
  • The game will claim that when a Vampire is defeated, it turns into a cloud of black smoke.
  • Reviving Count Dracula is the only way to create a new vampire without the help of Vampiric Awakening.
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