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A Vampire.

Vampires are protagonist entities in the Shadow Plague.

General Information

Vampires are created when humans have been infused and modified by the Shadow Plague with a relatively small chance - This explains their relatively smaller quantity compared to Zombies or Apes. These creatures act as the primary hosts for the plague, and come with supernatural powers as well as a thirst for blood. Vampires appear to operate independently from the Shadow Plague itself, although they mostly form a symbiosis otherwise and it often uses the plague to its advantage - As seen when it spreads the pathogen as an active host.

Due to their appetite for blood, Vampires kill people daily, and will starve if they lose access to Blood. They can also be harmed via physical damage. Their aggressive, menacing and brutal nature makes them instant targets to all other humans, and they cannot be captured or cured - only vanquished. However, despite being human mutants themselves, Vampires are never observed hostile with each other and can peacefully coexist in closer proximities.

Vampires have 3 main abilities:

  • Blood Rage - The Vampire goes on a rampage, killing people and attacking any human facilities if present. If unopposed during an assault it even heals itself.
  • Therianthropy - The Vampire can mutate into a bat-like creature and fly to desired locations.
  • Lairs - These structures are established by Vampires which allows them to heal while there and generates DNA based on the amount of infected population there. Further augments can improve the Shadow Plague's effectiveness in countries with Lairs, the amount of healing generated and even allows Vampires to teleport there.


In the first stage of infection, the patient's skin will become pale and the canine teeth will grow into fangs.

In the second stage, the patient's skin will become paler, the canine fangs will grow longer, the nails will grow into claws and the ears will grow pointed.

In the third and final stage, all of the teeth will grow sharp, the claws and pointed ears will grow longer, and their heads will become bald.



  • Unlike typical vampires, these ones are not affected by sunlight, as there no day/night cycle mechanic in the game.
  • With their supernatural capabilities, Vampires are so far the most powerful hosts in Plague Inc.
  • Vampires can only be made from humans, similar to Zombies. However, it takes significant effort for the Shadow Plague to find a viable host.
  • Vampires' Shadow Slaves will ban garlic, referring to its use in driving off stereotypical vampires in fiction, although it plays little role in-game.
  • On occasion, countries will organize vigilante gangs to fight vampires. They could pose a reasonable threat as it will drain a Vampire's health. Simply overpowering them or retreating to safe areas will solve the problem. However, if health is sufficient, then it's advised to ignore them.
    • A fully powered Blood Rage will do more than replenish health lost to these gangs if Dark Ritual 1/2 are active.
  • Most of their power must be improved at the abilities category, which, in this case, is renamed as "Vampires" category.
  • The game will claim that when a Vampire is defeated, it turns into a cloud of black smoke.
  • The game ironically claims that Vampires will perish if no humans were left alive or hypnotized by neuropathic alterations from Shadow Slaves, as, with all Lair healing upgrades, a Vampire can literally sit inside and never starve, not to mention that several would be usually established over the course of the game, as well as how multiple Vampires can share the same lair.
  • Reviving Count Dracula is the only way to create a new vampire without the help of Vampiric Awakening.