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  • TheO0032

    Soooooo close!

    September 14, 2016 by TheO0032

    A user practically stole edit 15000. I edited, then this person made the second edit of his time at wikia. He has just 2 edits, and he has the badge. Yet I nearly got it, and ended up just missing it. I can't believe it!

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  • TheO0032

    Uses of drugs

    May 26, 2016 by TheO0032

    Here is a list of the uses of drugs:

    1. Slowing the spread of plagues... Except for nano-virus with drug immunity, parasites with a lot of time on their hands, parasitic worms with transcendendence, the zombie virus, and a disease that increases the intelligence of apes but kills humans.

    2. Making people hallucinate

    3. Shattering the law to pieces

    4. Making them very high

    5. Making people get more drugs that do everything else

    6. Slowing vital bodily functions

    7. Nothing else

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