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Achievement list (Shadow Plague

NOTE / DISCLAIMER : Some Achievements may Contain Origin Stories Related to Shadow Plague.

Twilight Lied - Let Humanity discover your vampire -

Home Sweet Home - Set up a vampire lair

Heart of Darkness - Send your vampire into a Blood Rage

Batmobile - Transform vampire into a bat and fly somewhere

Carpe Jugulum - Discover the Carpe Jugulum Combo

Welcome to Hellmouth - Discover the Welcome to Hellmouth Combo

Diamond Skin - Discover the Diamond Skin Combo

Dentist's Dream - Discover the Dentist's Dream Combo

Blood Trumps All - Discover the Blood Trumps All Combo

Bat Cave - Discover the Bat Cave Combo

Uphill Ice Skating - Discover the Uphill Ice Skating Combo

Evil is a point of view - Discover the Evil is a point of view Combo

Plague Dogs - Discover the Plague Dogs Combo

Essential Vitamins - Discover the Essential Vitamins Combo

Blood Pets -Create slaves for your vampire

Pus Explosion - Oooze pus everywhere!

Van Helsing's Doom - Destroy a Templar fort

Purity of the Chosen - Create a new vampire

Luck of the Devil - Destroy a Templar fort with near death vampire

No Brexit - Stop Britain leaving the EU

Soft Brexit - Help Britain softly leave the EU

Hard Brexit - Encourage Britain to have a 'hard' Brexit

Brutal Brexit - Put Britain on the road to madness when it leaves the EU

Sadomasochist - Beat Shadow Plague with no Shadow Slaves

Mr. Universe - Discover the Mr. Universe Combo

Dark Night - Discover the Dark Night Combo

Count Countula - Carefully count your vampire's feeds

Vampire Master - Beat Shadow Plague on mega-brutal difficulty

STORY RELATED--------------------------

Chiroptophobia - Drive out cavers before sampling the Shadow Pool.

Watery Grave - Drown Templar scientists in the Shadow Pool.

Wolf Pack - Hunt down historian searching for Dracula's tomb.

I am your Father - Resurrect / Revive Count Dracula.

Power Overwhelming - Consume the bones at Stonehenge.

Making Amends - Help tourists repair the damage to Stonehenge.

Greyscale - Infect Stonehenge explorers.