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  • I live in Inside a computer
  • My occupation is Not being ashamed of what I have done on the PvZ wiki. Yes, I'm still going to be a troll to you Mainspace editors and haters, just not there.
  • I am gender ambiguous... for now.

I'm kinda inactive now.

Ask me anything on my message wall though. I'm active on other wikis and will get the notification. I'll respond to you within a day, probably. I can do nearly anything (except block or promote someone. You'll need to ask DiseaseMaster7/Ned1230 for that)

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Neurax Worm

My favorite plague

I made the 14,999th edit and the 15,001st edit, but someone made an edit that was an article edit and their second edit got the badge. Talk about luck. 2 edits, 110 points.

I eventually made the 17000tth edit. And edit 18000.

My progress in plague inc:

All standard plague types complete on brutal, virus on mega brutal

Neurax worm, necroa virus, and simian flu completed on brutal.

I have completed the shadow plague on casual.

All this was done without paying money for anything other than the initial cost of the game.


I have visited a few, and know the basics. I taught myself wikitext and have even successfully modified a template by looking at the pages that others wrote. Mostly, the only edits that I make are DNA cost/next symptom modifiers, but I have added plenty of pages (basically all of the symptoms in the Shadow Plague).

My favorite pagesEdit

  • forums
  • Forums-Q&A
  • forums-general discussion board
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