aka Risviltsov

  • I live in Steel City, Adrians
  • I was born on July 15
  • My occupation is Unemployed shitposter with horrible allies
  • I am |\/|4|_3

About Me Edit

I'm a statistician and a content moderator for the Plague Inc. Wiki. I give advice and create statistical pages. I am a helpful person and I can help you improve your article with facts. Ask me anything.

I'M BACK B****ES! Edit

Milestones Edit

Progress (now, because I uninstalled the game once) Edit

Speed Run Edit

Plague Type Days
Bacteria 294
Virus 239
Fungus 325
Parasite 342
Prion 347
Nano-Virus 187
Bio-Weapon 232
Neurax Worm 207
Necroa Virus 347
Simian Flu 360
Shadow Plague 1092

Achievements Remaining Edit

  • every one of them

Contributions Edit

Risviltsov only likes: Edit

Public Enemy

Gang Starr


Signature on profile pages Edit

If a wiki contributor is extremely helpful, I may write something about them on their profile page. If you request for me to remove the comment, please notify me. Tanks!

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