aka Prince Shadowtron7 Of Kongregate

Bureaucrat Plaguemaster
  • I live in A Galaxy Far, Far Away
  • I was born on November 9
  • My occupation is Pokemon, mostly, and Plague Inc.
  • I am Gonna be the very best, like no one ever was!
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This user is an Administrator on Plague Inc. Wiki. Dedicated to serving and protecting the wiki, these users have the ability to revert undesirable edits, block troublesome users, protect pages from being edited, and are over-all, community leaders and mentors. Questions, comments, and concerns for this administrator should be posted to their message wall.

I fancy myself to be knowledgeable about Plague Inc. because I've gotten most of the achievements, with the exception of those associated with the Shadow Plague. I like to make at least one edit a day so people know that there is an active Administrator on the site.

I also will not tolerate edits that compromise the quality of a page, such as deleting all the information on a page one section at a time, or posting random remarks, with or without profanity. Doing so may result in a block for a period of time to be determined at my discretion. You have been warned.

My preferred strategy is to remain as low-key as possible, gathering large amounts of DNA Points for one monstrous burst of Lethality that the Cure Effort can't counter. It works rather well with the Shadow Plague.

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