Unique Abilities are abilities that are special to a certain plague type.

List and summaries of unique abilities


Bacterial Resilience hardens the bacterial shell of a plague, increasing resistance to climates.


Viral Instability increases the chance a plague mutating symptoms.


The Spore Burst ability trees lets the player spontaneously infect countries with spore eruptions. Spore Burst infects one country, Spore Eruption five, and Spore Hardening infects countries indefinitely.


Symbiosis allows a plague not be noticed. At its highest level, symptoms such as Skin Lesions and Fever will go unnoticed, and Total Organ Failure will be regarded as a 'minor disease' briefly


Neural Atrophy allows a plague to manipulate the brain to make complex work extremely hard. Infected scientists are set back very far with this ability.


The unique abilities for Nano-Virus include hacking the Cure Broadcast, overloading replicator factories, among other effects. When both trees are evolved, the Kill Switch Stasis becomes available.

Tree 1

Tree 2

Tree 3


These unique abilities unlock, deactivate, or prevent lethal genes from evolving overtime. When all three trees are evolved, the Unlock Annihilate gene is unlocked, which will "unleash Armageddon unto the world!"

Tree 1

Tree 2

Tree 3

Necroa Virus

See Abilities (Necroa Virus).

Neurax Worm

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Simian Flu

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Shadow Plague

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Many real-life disease scenarios have unique abilities: Nipah Virus, Smallpox, Frozen Virus, Black Death, and Swine Flu.

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