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"Make a best-selling board game in this radically different scenario that has nothing to do with disease! Investors have given you two years to design, produce and distribute your very own game - but can you make it a best selling hit? *Insert witty subliminal marketing about Plague Inc: The Board Game here* :P"
— Plague Inc., Ultimate Board Games introduction paragraph.

Ultimate Board Games is a plague type and scenario in the Mutation 16 update, which also includes the Science Denial scenario.

Scenario Attributes

Similar to Santa's Little Helper, you are to utilize the Neurax Worm, which in this case simulates a Board Game. You need to sell at least ~20 Million copies to win within the time limit. Each person who purchased the game is worth one point in the end.

Mega Brutal's Genetic Drift settings do not affect this scenario, meaning that the interested population will not escalate costs. Purchasing anything would not escalate costs either.

Design attributes are free. You must have one each per the four categories - Mechanics, Themes, Components and Player Number - as otherwise a broken game equals an instant game over if production starts that way. Obtaining these attributes in different ways may trigger combos.

After that, the Production phase begins where funds can be spend on promotional efforts for more hype to ensure a steady fanbase.

When distribution begins, people start purchasing the game. Players who own the game will no longer count as interested, forcing a balance between hype and availability where corpse transmission plays a gargantuan role as they keep up the hype with the help of existing game owners.


Similar to Infectivity, Hype indicates the effectiveness of your infection and by proxy the amount of interested people. Greater hype attracts more potential customers who will then purchase your board game when avaliable.


A stat that one would always need to suppress. Complexity discourages players from buying or taking interest in your board game. This is usually only relevant when designing a game where having too many elements within your design will reduce hype and its effectiveness.


Replacing lethality, availability determines how likely would players purchase the game. It still needs to be balanced with hype to ensure that sales would reach its target while hype keeps the others' attention to prevent a loss.


  • It is the first scenario that prohibits Genetic Codes.
  • Despite featuring Neurax Worm, the infection color is still red, not orange.
  • It is so far the first and only scenario where the game would not end in defeat even if the disease died out before killing everyone, and you are given a literal timer.


For strategies how to beat this scenario, check out Strategy Guides/Ultimate Board Games.

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