"Make a best-selling board game in this radically different scenario that has nothing to do with disease! Investors have given you two years to design, produce and distribute your very own game - but can you make it a best selling hit? *Insert witty subliminal marketing about Plague Inc: The Board Game here* :P"
— Plague Inc., Ultimate Board Games introduction paragraph

Ultimate Board Games is a plague type and scenario in the Mutation 16 update, which also includes the Science Denial scenario.

What happens?

Infectivity is replaced by hype, severity by complexity, and lethality by availability. First, you design the board game's genres, advertise it, and then get sales. The more sales you have sold, the higher score you will get.

Transmissions is replaced by Design, Symptoms is replaced by Production and Abilities is replaced by Distribution. DNA is replaced by Fund, and Evolve is replaced by Action. Once "evolved", you cannot "devolve" any trait.

Genetic drift is disabled, and some of the traits are free.

Unlike the normal game and most scenarios, this scenario does not need to “infect” everyone to win the game. Instead, you win the game by reaching at least ~20 million sales before the deadline while maintaining the hype.


  • This is one of the only two scenarios that has no genetic code (the other is Fake News).
  • The "disease" of this scenario is shown as a Neurax Worm.
  • If you don't evolve at least one of the traits in Mechanics, Themes, Components, and/or Player Number, a popup appears, stating "You've designed a broken game. Your investors have forced you out of the company." You will lose the game afterwards.
  • If you evolve every mechanic, the Mechanics overload! popup appears, stating "You've designed a board game with far too many mechanics - it's confusing players and turning them off your game." But you also have "highly competitive" design combo afterwards.
  • By evolving every theme, you will have the Themes overload! popup, but you may get random design combos, some of which can unlock achievements.
  • If you evolve both the Adult and Family theme, the Age concern! popup appears, stating “An Adult themed game for the whole family? That will be a challenge to pull off.” Hype decreases
  • Evolving every theme and mechanic will get "high takes trading" design combo.
  • If you sell your board game too fast and there's no more hype left before the deadline, the game automatically loses, because "no interested people left".
  • Another thing you will realize is that if you get an overlord message, it "magicly" decreases hype.


For strategies how to beat this scenario, check out Strategy Guides/Ultimate Board Games.

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