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The USA (short for the United States of America) is a rich country with a balanced climate. It shares a land border with Canada and Mexico, and has around 316 million people in-game.

Country Information

IG Factbook: "Britain's American colonies broke with the mother country in 1776 and were recognized as the new nation of the United States of America following the Treaty of Paris in 1783. During the 19th and 20th centuries, 37 new states were added to the original 13 as the nation expanded across the North American continent and acquired a number of overseas possessions. The two most traumatic experiences in the nation's history were the Civil War (1861-65), in which a northern Union of states defeated a secessionist Confederacy of 11 southern slave states, and the Great Depression of the 1930s, an economic downturn during which about a quarter of the labor force lost its jobs. Buoyed by victories in World Wars I and II and the end of the Cold War in 1991, the US remains the world's most powerful nation state. Since the end of World War II, the economy has achieved relatively steady growth, low unemployment and inflation, and rapid advances in technology."


Airport Links

The USA has air routes with all countries with an airport. These countries include: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, and the UK.

Seaport Links

The USA has sea routes with six countries: Brazil, Caribbean, C. America, Egypt, Russia, and the UK.


  • As the USA is a rich country with a balanced climate, it is not required to evolve abilities such as Heat Resistance 1 and Cold Resistance 1 in order to excel in this country. Like other rich countries, the United States has a well-funded health care system, and thus it is inadvisable to start in the country, as it may take an incredibly long time to infect even a small population.  The only definite exception to this rule is if the player wants to win achievements for DarkWater when playing as the Necroa Virus. Nevertheless, it is imperative that that the player purchases Drug Resistance 1, as well as Drug Resistance 2 in Mega Brutal and Brutal difficulties.


  • If the player starts in the USA while playing the Necroa Virus, the game may say that a company named DarkWater created the Necroa Virus; a fictional American research team.
  • Despite Alaska being part of the United States, it is actually part of Canada in Plague Inc. Alaska is not part of the USA anymore, as the Canadians somehow acquired it via a treaty called the "Hay-Herbert Treaty." This was a joke put in by the game designers because an error in the game made it impossible for Alaska to be part of the USA.
    • Also, Hawaii is not seen anywhere on the map, even though it is also part of the United States. It was most likely too small for the map.

City Cams

NOTICE BEFORE READING: Due to the fact that the city cam is appeared to be zoomed out, it is hard to point out exactly what's going on, so read what you read with a bit of necrosis.

In Business as usual, We can see that the cam takes place at Liberty Island, New York; famous for The Statue of Liberty (as we see from the left of the cam) With civilians walking around, likely looking at the world wonder and/or viewing the surrounding sea. in the background we can see some of New York City.

In General Disruption, many of the changes are kind of tricky to notice. For starters in the east foreground, we can see that there are less civilians that slightly appear to be protesting (They appear protesting because if you look very closely, there seems to now be a small banner) More notably, On the base of the statue, we can see some police watching the protests, likely in attempt to quell them down, on the floor there seems to be... a car... that God knows how and where it came from. Most notably, in the sky, we see a helicopter.

It's a very depressing, terrifying scene going on In Widespread Disorder and close to anarchy's city cam. The excessive smoke is EVERYWHERE, not only in Liberty Island, but also in New York City. The riots are likely all over the U.S by seeing that both the people in the city AND the island are rioting. Due to the smoke, it becomes almost impossible to see what's exactly going on in the cam. In the foreground we can see a tank was added, along side the car that was there in General disruption. In the base of the statue, we can see some more forces attempting to quell the riots. At the top of the city cam, some graying of the lends.

Finally in Total Anarchy and No longer exists, It is simply an apocalyptic version of the previous City Cam. Everyone is dead and for the most part the smoke has calmed down now, however, there seems to be some smoke still on the Statue of Liberty. In the foreground, there are flags with the plague symbol as well as the same symbol plastered on the side of the lower base of the Statue of Liberty. Speaking of which, all the statue seems to be damaged and grayed. In the background, we can that the helicopter is now gone, and there's now graying on the whole border. New York City had the same treatment with its buildings now damaged and grayed.


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