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The tutorial teaches how to play the game.  It goes through all the basics of the game. Once you’ve learned everything it has to teach, you are left to complete the game using the knowledge you just learned in the tutorial.

The plague you will be learning with is Bacteria, the only available plague at the very beginning of a newly downloaded game.  Like all games, you are first asked to name your disease.  Once done, the tutorial loads and you officially start Infectious Disease School.

You are asked to select China as your starting country.  Then pop the red infection bubble and collect the game’s currency, DNA.   You then pop an orange bubble for more DNA.

You are taught how to change the game speed.

You are shown the Disease Menu, with sub-menus Transmission, Symptoms, and Abilities.  In Transmission, you evolve Livestock 1.  You have a chance to explore the other sub-menus and evolve traits if you choose to. 

Exiting the Disease Menu you are shown how to zoom in and out.  You are then shown the news ticker, and explained its importance.  Exiting this, you can pop some orange bubbles for additional DNA.

If you click on the World Menu you are shown the World, Cure, and Data sub-menus.

You are then given a chance to play a little.  Once a new country has been infected for the first time, you will be notified of this, and again instructed to pop the red bubble.

You are then shown the Country Screen for your newly infected county. Once you’ve explored this section and back out to the world map, the tutorial is complete. You can then choose to finish the game, or exit to the main menu.  The game encourages you to complete it.


Tutorial.jpg Achievement Name: Tutorial
Achievement Description: Complete the tutorial
Value: Difficulty: Any


Tutorial is an achievement. It requires that the player finish the tutorial, even if they lose.

How to get this achievement?

For more information, please see Strategy Guides/Bacteria

Plague Achievement.png Achievement Name: Plague Pro
Achievement Description: Complete the Tutorial
Value: ? Points Difficulty: N/A
Plague Pro is an achievement in Plague Inc. that is quite simple to obtain. At the load screen of the game, click How To Play, then Tutorial. Once you’ve explored the country section and back out to the world map, the tutorial is complete. and the Plague Pro achievement is won.