Neu Transcendance
PLE - Transcendence popup
Description Overdose of oxytocin and vasopressin forces host into a permanent state of worship/acceptance - treating the Neurax Worm as an eternal god
DNA cost 37
Infectivity +4%
Severity +40%
Lethality -4% (-3% when the increase 1% in countries that worship the Neurax Worm when the action is announced by the government happens.)
Previous symptom Devotion

Transcendence is a symptom in the Neurax Worm DLC. It is one of the most powerful symptoms in the game, able to completely destroy cure effort without making a single kill.

Effects Edit

  • By overdosing the host with oxytocin and vasopressin, the host is forced into states of accepting and worshiping the Neurax Worm, completely destroying all Cure effort in the affected countries.
  • Having all people in the world infected while the trait is evolved will end the game with the Neurax Worm enslaving the world.
  • Once this symptom is evolved, nations infected with the Neurax Worm will slowly submit, before finally giving in and worshiping the Neurax Worm.
    • This is an easy way of winning the game without having to eliminate the entire human population, and also slows the cure research significantly.
  • Countries worshiping the Neurax Worm will stop contributing to cure research, making it one of the most potent symptoms available.
  • This, like most other strong symptoms, is used as an end-game trait.

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