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The Future is Bright is an achievement exclusive to the Simian Flu DLC. You need to infect all apes and be cured

How to get this achievement?


  • Cytochrome Surge
  • Ion Surge
  • Teracyte
  • Extremophile
  • Together Strong


  • Play on Casual or Normal
  • Start in Central Africa
  • Evolve Simian Neuro-Genesis and Ape Colonies
  • Place 1 Colony in Central Africa
  • Devolve any mutated Symptom
  • Evolve Social Cohesion, Cognitive Shift and Education
  • Keep devolving any mutated Symptom
  • Evolve Sebaceous Excretion, Blood Gift, Cutaneous Transfer and Submissive Conception
  • When possible, place 2 more colonies in West and East Africa
  • Evolve Organized Travel, Logistics, Horseback Riding and Seafaring
  • Use the Travel ability to infect islands apes
  • Use World Map to see where still have wild apes
  • When all Apes are infected, Evolve Air 1 + 2, Water 1 + 2 and Extreme Bioaerosol
  • If needed evolve Heat, Cold and Drugs Resistances
  • Do not evolve Ape Rampage as you need to be pacific
  • Do not evolve Primal Awareness as you need to be detected
  • Do not let any symptom to mutate, as you need to not kill any human
  • Wait for cure to start and complete, and keep devolving any mutated symptom
  • When cure is complete, you get the achievement
  • If you don't get the achievement, something went wrong, try again


  • You need to be cured
  • Extreme Bioaerosol to speed up infection and cure progress
  • Heat, Cold and Drugs to speed up infection and cure progress
  • Primal Awareness makes it more difficult to be detected, delaying cure progress
  • Ape Rampage makes it impossible for you to earn the achievement