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"Highly advanced technology has created the opportunity to travel through a portal and teleport to other countries. Meanwhile, after playing realistic plague simulator video games, humans have worked out which countries are likely to be the safest in the event of a global pandemic.
Will they put this knowledge to good use?"

— Plague Inc., Teleportation introduction paragraph.

Teleportation is a scenario added in Mutation 1.10 update.[1]


This scenario is the same as the regular game, and it has all the same symptoms -- except that people can use portals to move to safer countries. For example, after a plague has become an epidemic, people in less safe countries will evacuate to harder-to-infect countries such as Greenland, New Zealand, and Iceland, appearing as a significant increase of population on the receiving end, and a great decrease on the other: an entire country's population could teleport to Greenland, or 99% of the population of the USA could migrate elsewhere.


The best diseases for finishing this scenario in a short amount of time are the Simian Flu and Neurax Worm.

  • Simian Flu is recommended because of the Travel ability and the transmission Hominidae Bridge.
  • The Neurax Worm is recommended because the Trojan Planes ability can invalidate any and all attempts to use island countries to avoid infection.

Fungus is decent because its ability allows for rapid spread across the world, but the spread with Spore Eruption is unpredictable, so its use is limited in this scenario.

A good strategy for this scenario is to infect all of the world before being noticed, invalidating all teleportation attempts. Therefore, Bio-Weapon, Nano-Virus, and Virus are quite hard to do unless they remain undetected.

While Shadow Plague is also useful for beating this scenario, it is not a fast disease.


  • The scenario icon refers to Valve's Portal franchise, while the description is a reference to the game itself.


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