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Suicide is a symptom in the Neurax Worm DLC. It makes the tendrils release neurotoxins that cause severe disorientation and suicidal impulses in the host, causing a catastrophic Severity and Lethality increase as a result. This pairs well with the transmissions Corpse Feeder 1 and 2.


  • If this symptom has been evolved, countries with large numbers of patients will begin setting up suicide stations, increasing lethality rates.
  • The symbol is a noose, which kills the victim either through strangulation or breaking the neck. It is one of the more common methods of suicide. Death via noose is referred to as “hanging”. Hanging was a common method of execution in the 1600s. Nowadays, it is performed as a suicide or murder method by the victim standing on a chair, attaching a noose to something, securing the noose around the victim’s neck, and then kicking the chair away, resulting in the victim being suspended by the noose and dying. Those who survive hanging (I.e. if the hanging was unsuccessful or the victim was cut down) often end up with brain damage.
  • Things that lead to suicide in real life are bullying, stress, drug/alcohol abuse, or mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorder, or bipolar disorder.