The following is a strategy for completing the Volcanic Ash scenario. Please feel free to add your own strategies, tips, and Q&A here:

Strategy 1Edit

  1. Select the Neurax Worm, and set it to Casual Difficulty.
  2. Start in Saudi Arabia.
  3. Evolve:
  4. When you can, evolve Trojan Planes 1. These are unaffected by the volcanic ash.
  5. Evolve:
    • Air 1
    • Water 1
    • Rodent 1
    • Insect 1
    • Bird 1
      • Notice: I highly recommend that you don't devolve symptoms since they will only make it easier to access Transcendence later on. In addition, devolving any symptoms when using the Neurax Worm is like devolving symptoms when using Virus. It costs you valuable DNA Points.
  6. Evolve:
  7. When Trojan Planes begin appearing, send them to these areas in the following order:
8. Send Trojan Planes to islands and areas as needed. Australia should be infected relatively quickly despite the reduced air travel, but you may need to send a Trojan Plane to New Zealand.
9. Evolve:
10. Evolve Trojan Planes 2 if needed or desired and evolve Cold Resistance 2.
  • Notice: This is vital in order to not getting hung up on Greenland and Iceland.
11. Evolve symptoms leading to Transcendence. Here is one example: Immaturity, Mania, Obsession, Devotion, and Transcendence. If Aggression mutates, don't worry. Evolve Corpse Feeder 1 and 2 to use this to your advantage.
12.  Watch the cure effort collapse as the world worships the Neurax Worm. Send Trojan Planes to any country that isn't completely infected, and evolve Confusion and Memory Loss if the cure effort gets too high.
13. Sit back and watch as the world falls. Congratulations. You've won.
Strategy guides in Plague Inc. and Plague Inc: Evolved.
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