Pathogen: Neurax Worm (Of course) Difficulty: Casual, Normal and *Brutal.


Try aiming for a hot, arid, and poor country. (It does not matter if it has an airport or not because of Trojan planes). If you did not start out in one, just restart and try again. Also, have it at 2X speed (You don't have to but that's how I did it).

First Buy Concertina Locomotion, Undulatory Locomotion, Eggs 1 + 2, and Trojan planes.

Next Buy Air 1, Water 1, Cold Resistance 1, Drug Resistance 1, Genetic Swap, and Mutative Regeneration 1 + 2.

Once a Trojan plane has spawned in, aim for the islands first in this order: Greenland, Iceland, Caribbean, Indonesia, New Zealand, Madagascar, New Guinea, and finally The Philippines.

If you aren't infecting enough countries then pickup Trojan Planes 2 + 3 and Bird 1.

After you are noticed, get Drug Resistance 2 and Cold Resistance 2.

Send remaining Trojan planes to under - infected countries or non - infected countries.

Most likely you might have problems with the African countries. If so, evolve Heat Resistance 1.

If any lethal symptom mutates pickup Corpse Feeder 1 + 2.

If the cure progress exceeds 50%, grab Genetic Hardening 1 and Genetic ReShuffle 1.

Around 1.5 Billion people infected start working your way up to the Transcendence Symptom. (Neural Breach > Cerebral Tendrils > Frontal Mesh > Immaturity > Mania > Obsession > Devotion > Transcendence)

By now you should be kicking back and enjoying your new pet named humanity slowly conforming to the Neurax Worms rule.

*This heavily depends on your starting country.

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