The following are strategies for the Shut Down Everything Scenario. Please feel free to add your own strategies, tips, and Q&A here:

Strategy 1

Pathogen: Neurax Worm. Difficulty: Casual

Recommended genes:

  1. The key to this strategy is evolution as soon as you are able to, and don't devolve any symptoms. The lethal symptoms are too far away to worry about.
  2. Start in Saudi Arabia, possibly the best country to start a plague in. Evolve Concertina Locomotion, Undulatory Locomotion, and Eggs 1-2 immediately. This will help boost infectivity.
  3. Evolve Genetic Swap. This pairs well with the gene Darwinist, considering both increase the chance of mutation, which is what we want. Evolve Trojan Planes 1, along with the symptoms Neural Breach and Cerebral Tendrils if they haven't mutated yet.
  4. To aid in mutation, evolve Mutative Regeneration 1 and 2. Don't worry about being detected. The cure effort is easily reduced to irrelevancy.
  5. Evolve Cold Resistance 1 and 2, Drug Resistance 1, and Genetic Hardening 1 to enhance resistance to climate change, and evolve Insect 1, Rodent 1, and Bird 1.
  6. Once the Trojan Planes start flying, send the planes to the following islands, in this order: Greenland, Caribbean, Philippines, Madagascar, and whatever islands try to shut you out when you start spreading around the world.
  7. Evolve Trojan Planes 2 to increase the chances of infecting countries with shut borders.
  8. Evolve your way up to Transcendence. Here is an example: Immaturity, Mania, Obsession, Devotion, and Transcendence. Adoration is optional.
  9. The cure effort will soon plummet into irrelevancy as people begin worshiping or submitting to the Neurax Worm. If Aggression mutates, evolve Corpse Feeder 1 and 2.
  10. If the cure effort's making you nervous, evolve Genetic ReShuffle 1.
  11. Watch as the world falls. Evil archvillain laugh is optional.
  • Note: I highly favor the genetic code I used in this scenario guide, and swear by it. DiseaseMaster7
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