The following are strategies for the Not Just a Pretty Face achievement. Please feel free to add your own strategies, tips, and Q&A here.

Recommended genes

  1. Start your Simian Flu in Saudi Arabia on Casual.
  2. Wait until a popup appears, announcing the opening of a Gen-Sys facility. As soon as you see that, evolve Simian Neuro-genesis.
  3. Evolve the Ape Colonies ability, but don't lay down a colony just yet. Wait for the simian infection to spill over into another country, such as Egypt, Iran, Iraq, East Africa or the Middle East. Make a colony in East Africa and Saudi Arabia.
  4. Move quickly. Evolve Cognitive Shift and Education to maximize the DNA output of your colonies. Evolve Blood Gift and Inter-genus dissemination 1.
  5. Evolve Ape Migration, Logistics, Organised Travel, Seafaring, and Horseback Riding to maximize ape spread. Evolve Ape Rampage just in case the humans attempt to exterminate your apes.
  6. Evolve Primal Awareness, War Paint, and Covert Expertise to avoid those pesky Drones.
  7. Move Apes to the following areas: Caribbean, Iceland, Greenland, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, New Guinea, China, Central Europe, UK, Madagascar, and Brazil. S.E Asia will border-infect Indonesia, and Brazil will provide a pathway for the Apes to infect the entirety of North America. NOTE: You may have to send multiple Apes to New Zealand in order for the Ape spread to take.
  8. Move your Apes around as you see fit. If you want to infect mankind as well, evolve Hominidae Bridge. Pause your game or play slow as the Biohazard bubbles appear like only they can.
  9. Evolve Inter-genus dissemination 2, Sebaceous excretion, Cutaneous Transfer, Submissive conception, and Excrement to maximize Ape-to-Ape transmission.
  10. Move around Apes and colonies as needed to avoid either Drones or Gen-Sys facilities, but whatever you do, do NOT devole Simian Neuro-genesis.That would make unlocking Not Just a Pretty Face achievement impossible, but it would allow for the unlocking of Did I mean to do that? achievement. After some patience, you'll receive the achievement Not Just a Pretty Face. Congratulations.
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