The following are strategy guides for the Where Is Everyone? scenario. Please feel free to add your own strategy, advice, and Q&A below:

Strategy 1 Edit

Note: This strategy uses the Shadow Plague. It was tested on Mega-Brutal, but will work on any difficulty.

Genetic Code:

1. Start in Australia, and immediately evolve Blood Rage and Therianthropy. Start a Blood Rage.

2. Be careful. Due to the reduced population, Australia will drain fast. As soon as the country is drained, fly to the northern area of New Zealand. When possible, evolve Travel Speed 1.

3. Keep moving as you drain countries dry. It won't take long for the Templars to notice your purge and mobilize to stop you. Once you get a popup saying that the Templars are taking steps to eliminate vampires, keep a sharp eye out.

4. Once the Templar Bases appear, target them for destruction. The most efficient method of exterminating the Templar Bases is to completely drain the countries they are located in. Evolve your way up to Demonic Fury if necessary, though this is unlikely. Do this until the Bases are eliminated. If your vampire is low on health, evolve Dark Ritual 1. It's unlikely that you will need to evolve Lair.

5. Once the Templars have been eliminated, go from country to country and eliminate all human life. This is easier than it sounds, as large countries such as Canada or China will fall in little over a week, whereas smaller countries such as Greenland or Mexico will fall in 2-3 days.

6. Within 3 in-game years, you will have eliminated all human life. Congratulations. DiseaseMaster7

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