The following are strategies and tips for the newly released Ultimate Board Games scenario. Please feel free to add your own below.

Strategy 1 (Mega Brutal, 3 Biohazards, can destroy world)Edit

There existed a bug on the Android version (at the time when I tested) -- Corpse Transmission is disabled for this scenario. If that is still true, this strategy won't be avilable on Android.

Translated and Edited by Bihapove

Some MechanicsEdit

  1. Hype is Infectivity. Complexity is Severity (although it doesn't seem to affect DNA points). Availability is Lethality.
  2. Airports and ports won't close and Cure won't happen. However, if all Interested people turn into Sales before the time limit is reached, the game considers this as a loss because you 'no longer have any infected people'. (This doesn't make much sense)
  3. In this scenario, the pathogen is Neurax Worm.
  4. Your Corpse Transmission rate can be extremely high. Thus, if a country has a large Sales population but very low Interested population, the infection will still be high. However, if a country has 0 Interested, the game considers it as 'Uninfected', and Corpse Transmission  is disabled for that country. Again, this doesn't make much sense.
  5. People who already bought the Board Game are considered dead and will reduce the plane/ship rate of that country. Thus, if Norway and Russian are both dead (100% sales), and Greenland still isn't infected, it's game over. Again, and again, it makes no sense.
  6. Random events can occur during early game. These events can be very different even if you have the exact same traits. (Excuse me?)


  1. Start in UK.
  2. Select Themes: Economic, Humour, Party, Sports, Adult, Strategy, Family.
  3. Select Mechanics: Cooperative Play, Area Control, Bluffing, Dice Rolling, Take That, Competitive Play, Memory.
  4. Select Components: Timers, Dice, Tokens, Miniatures.
  5. Select Player Number: Single Player, Two Players, Three Players, Four+ Players.
  6. As you may have noticed, certain Design Traits I've chosen can lead to both positive and negative events. If your Hype increases or decreases a bit, just go on. If your Hype is significantly reduced, restart the game.
  7. Turn to Production page and evolve Announce Game and Launch Kickstarter. Since your Hype and Complexity is high, Launch Kickstarter releases a great number of spores.
  8. Evolve Advertise In Stores, Online and At Conventions.
  9. Evolve Videogame IP.
  10. Evolve Manufacture in China and Begin Manufacturing.
  11. Evolve Conduct Test Sessions and View Samples. These prevent any quality issues.
  12. Turn to Distribution page and evolve Begin to Sell Your Game.
  13. Evolve Companion App and Sell on Amazon. They provide a steady Avilability.
  14. Evolve Durable Packaging 1 and 2, then Sales Promotions 1 and 2. They raise your effectiveness in Poor and Rural regions.
  15. Evolve Super Fan Sendout 1, 2 and 3.
  16. From now on we'll be increasing our Avilability (lethality) quite a lot. I suggest saving your game. Be careful about uninfected island countries, they're as annoying as they used to be!
  17. Evolve Direct Sales, Local Game Stores, National Retailers and International Distributors.
  18. Evolve Localise Language 1, 2 and 3.
  19. If you have extra points, spend them in other Distribution traits. Don't worry about having too much lethality -- By now your Corpse Transmission is more than 100x Necrosis !
  20. If all goes well, this strategy allows you to sell your Board Game to every single person on the Earth. Congratulations on destroying the world. Enjoy your 7,124,543,962 score. ^_^
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