Plague Inc. Wiki

These are strategies for the Science Denial scenario.

Strategy 1 (Mega-Brutal)

This is a strategy from u/Theterrariaboi from Reddit. I have very successfully achieved 3 biohazards with this method on my first try.

Pathogen: Nano-Virus; Difficulty: Mega Brutal

General tips:

  • Don't worry about the cure. It's going to start being created immediately, but the first time it is completed, science deniers are going to destroy it, but at that point we'll have infected most of the world.
  • Don't devolve symptoms.
  • Don't spend any DNA on Genetic Reshuffle or Genetic Hardening unless you have extra at the very end.

Recommended genes:

  • ATP Boost
  • Aerocyte
  • Sympto-Stasis
  • Genetic Mimic
  • Extremophile

Start in Saudi Arabia.

Evolve Air 1 (9) as soon as you pop the first red bubble. ATP Boost gives you the extra 8.

Get some symptoms that increase infectivity. Evolve in this order:

  • Rash (2)
  • Sweating (2)
  • Cysts (1)
  • Insomnia (0)
  • Paranoia (0)
  • Hyper sensitivity (1)
  • Abscesses (1)
  • Nausea (1)
  • Vomiting (2)
  • Coughing (3)
  • Anemia (1)
  • Skin Lesions (7)
  • Pneumonia (2)
  • Sneezing (4)

This requires 27 DNA total. I saved up 8 DNA to begin with and then got the rest as I accumulated DNA.

The cure is probably sitting around 25-30% right now.

If you've had the game on fast forward, I highly recommend changing it to the regular speed. You're about to infect a lot of countries.


  • Code fragment interception (3)
  • Air 2 (15)
  • Water 1 (11)
  • Water 2 (18)
  • Cold Resistance 1 (8)
  • Extreme Bioaerosol (20)

Take a second to rake in that dough from those infections!


  • Code segment interception (7)
  • Cold Resistance 2 (15)

The cure will be at ~85%. Ignore it!


  • Necrosis (26)

The cure will probably be completed. Don't worry about this. Soon after (but not always immediately, so don't panic if it doesn't happen right away) you will receive a notification that the miracle cure was destroyed and the cure progress will be shot right back down to the single digits. Yay!


  • Drug Resistance 1 (16)
  • Drug Resistance 2 (27)

A lot of countries are going to get infected by these changes. By now, the whole world (or almost all the world) will be infected. No country will have closed its borders (they don't believe in science despite the millions of people that have been dying), so don't worry about the islands if they're not yet infected. It's time to destroy them all.


  • Pulmonary Fibrosis (8)
  • Total Organ Failure (49)
  • Replication Factory overload (22) (this will infect almost everybody who is left over)

Evolve deadlier symptoms:

  • Coma (0)
  • Paralysis (0)
  • Seizures (3)
  • Insanity (5)
  • Dysentery (22)
  • Internal Hemorrhaging (13)
  • Immune Suppression (13)
  • Systemic Infection (20)

When there are no healthy people left in the world, evolve:

  • Radical elements stabilised (12)
  • Encryption breached (18)

These should have reduced the the cure to around 30% or lower.

You've basically destroyed the whole world at this point, so you don't have much else to do. If you have extra DNA, throw it into Genetic Reshuffle 1, 2, and 3, or Broadcast Interceptor overload to lower that cure percentage even more.

Watch the world die.

Using this strategy, my time was 282 days, with the cure ~19% complete and a score of 90030. Not bad.