The following are strategies for the Santa's Little Helper scenario. Please feel free to add your own strategies, tips, and Q&A here:

Strategy 1

The key to this strategy is fast evolution. Don't devolve any symptoms, since lethality is not a factor in this scenario.

Recommended genes:

How to play :

  1. Select Casual Difficulty. Start in Saudi Arabia, Plague Central Prime.
  2. Evolve Santa's Little Neurax Worm and Festive Tendrils.
  3. Evolve Emotive Radar and Cracker Cocoon.
  4. Evolve Digital Elf, and evolve Gift Plane.
  5. Evolve Digital Herald, and evolve Snowballs 1 and Glow Worms.
  6. Evolve Fair-Weather Friend.
  7. Once the Gift Planes start flying, send the planes to the following countries: Caribbean, Brazil, Greenland, Iceland, New Guinea, and Philippines.
  8. Evolve Digital Angel if necessary.
  9. Evolve Contentedness and Appreciation to help suppress the Cure Effort.
  10. Allow DNA Points to pile up, and evolve Present Parachute, Chimney Shoot, Red-Suited Pilot, Early Departure, Gift of Giving, Red-Nosed Guide, and Wild Side. This will maximize Gift Plane appearance and help unlock the achievement Ultimate Christmas.
  11. Keep popping the Biohazard bubbles as they appear, and if Harmony mutates, all the better. It'll suppress the Cure effort to a significant degree.
  12. Watch as the world goes from a quiet, grim place to a loud, happy, festive place. MERRY EARLY CHRISTMAS!! DiseaseMaster7

Strategy 2

The focus is Neurax bombing, which when fully upgraded can completely infect places like Sweden.

Genes used:

How to play :

  1. Start in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Evolve Santa's Little Neurax Worm, Festive Tendrils, and Digital Elf.
  3. Evolve Digital Herald.
  4. Evolve Gift Plane, then evolve up its tree when you have the DNA to do so
  5. At this point, you should have been found, and likely Saudi Arabia has been flooded. Use the Gift Planes to get China, Japan, USA, UK, C. America, and Australia, in that approximate order and if they have not been infected yet. Otherwise send them to whichever country contributing the most to the cure effort. Evolve Emotive Radar, Stocking Filler, Radio Worm, and Glow Worms.
  6. Evolve Genetic Hardening 1 and 2.
  7. Evolve Contentedness, Appreciation, and Harmony if the cure is going along fast.
  8. Evolve Genetic ReShuffle 1 and 2.
  9. Evolve any symptom you like. Basically here it's a race against the cure. Send the Gift Planes to a) a country that's not been infected or has a lot of uninfected people or b) is contributing the most to the cure effort.
  10. Win.

This worked for me on Mega-Brutal (on Mobile) with one biohazard.

Brought to you by Perfecto Incognito (talk) 13:16, April 13, 2016 (UTC).

Strategy 3

This works on all difficulties except Mega-Brutal. You should be able to send the world into 'eternal happiness' if you ensure you've followed the steps correctly. The genes that were used, but may not be necessary, are the following.

  1. ATP Boost
  2. Aquacyte
  3. Sympto-stasis
  4. Base Oxidisation
  5. Extremophile

From there, simply choose a country of your favor. Saudi Arabia works for me.

  1. Evolve Santa's Little Neurax Worm.
  2. Evolve Festive Tendrils
  3. Evolve Sloth
  4. Evolve Gluttony
  5. Evolve Jealousy
  6. Evolve Indulgence
  7. Evolve Partying
  8. Evolve Intoxication
  9. Devolve Partying

At this point, you should be undetectable, since happiness is just another term for severity. Severity is basically how hard it is to notice your disease. For example if you had max severity, your disease would be noticed before you reached 10,000 people. Taking away happiness guarantees that you'll never be detected on everything except mega brutal, which charity will then proceed to draw attention to your worm and utterly destroy your chances of winning. Just evolve all the transmission possible, and Digital Elf, Digital Herald, as well as Digital Angel as they don't increase happiness.

Strategy 4 (Mega-brutal)


  • ATP Boost
  • Native biome
  • Trans-stasis
  • Genetic mimic
  • Urbophile

This strategy relies on infecting and completely destroying rich countries ASAP, preventing cure research:

  1. Start in China. Evolve Santa's Little Neurax Worm, Emotive Radar and Festive Tendrils.
  2. Evolve Radio Worm and Memory Lane as soon as possible
  3. Evolve Stocking Filler
  4. Evolve Gift Planes and send the first plane to Sweden. If any other planes appear, send them to the US, Australia or Central Europe.
  5. Evolve Digital Elf, Digital Herald and Digital Angel
  6. Evolve Gold Digger
  7. Continue evolving as many transmissions as possible. Prioritise cold/humid infectivity.
  8. Evolve Genetic Hardening and Genetic Reshuffle

Do not devolve any symptoms.

Strategy by Cutterfish12345

Hello everyone Cutterfish here. This is THE MOST EASY plague ever. Well, for me. I once infected the world in only a year or so. So here is how I do it. This works well on all difficulties except Brutal and Mega-Brutal.

Edit: I (Not Cutterfish12345) got this to work with brutal fairly easily. Mega brutal is also doable but I would suggest Genetic hardening I after you've got about half of the Transmissions and genetic reshuffle I when the cure gets to about 50%

Strategy 6

I find this strategy fairly easy and fast, even on mega brutal so enjoy. Also this is a bit of transmission heavy. (And yes I just realized it is similar to the one above but cmon.)


  • Metabolic jump
  • Darwinist
  • Aerocyte
  • Extremophile
  • Trans-Stasis

If you know what you're doing this should be fast for you.

  1. Start in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Evolve Santa's Little Neurax Worm, Festive Tendrils, Cracker Cocoon, Eggs-Nog and all 3 levels of Digital Elf.
  3. Wait a while to start spreading to other countries, don't worry if you already got spotted.
  4. Go aggressive on transmission and also pick up a few orange symptoms.
  5. If some countries are still not infected, use trojan planes.
  6. Once like 20% of the world is infected, you basically win. Just sit tight, set back the cure and boost infectivity and happy holiday.
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