The following are strategies, tips, and Q&A for the Russian Nuclear Retaliation achievement. Please feel free to add your own below:

Strategy 1

Note: Devolve all symptoms unless instructed to evolve them.

Note: If a popup message references Sterilisation air filters, counter with the appropriate transmission:

  • Planes > evolve Air 1
  • Ships > evolve Water 1

Note: If a popup message reading "ICure device announced" appears, wait for the popup reading "ICure released globally" and immediately evolve the abilities Rash and Sweating to counter.

Recommended startup:

Recommended Genes:


  1. Start in the USA.
  2. Evolve the following transmissions and abilities:
    Russia ability jpg.jpg
  3. Wait until every country is infected.
  4. Evolve the following symptoms:
    Russia symptoms jpg.jpg
  5. Evolve the ability Cold Resistance 2.
  6. Evolve the symptoms Seizures, Insanity, and Dysentery.
  7. Wait for popup messages reading:
    • USA President taken ill
    • New President of USA selected
      • Insanity! Spalin has been selected to replace the ill President instead of the Vice President!
    • USA threatens Russia
  8. Evolve the symptom Paralysis.
  9. Wait for a popup message reading:
    • USA nukes Russia

The achievement will now have been earned. - GamerSketch (credit: katrina at Yo It’s Spicy blog)


  • Okay, does it make anybody else feel weird that they chose to name the 'new' USA president "Spalin"? (cough, cough Sarah Palin reference cough, cough)- User:THFPVG
  • Note that the above strategy doesn’t seem to work for Bacteria -2605
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