The following are strategies for the Plague in Space achievement. Please feel free to add your own strategies, tips, and Q&A here:

Strategy 1

Note: Devolve all symptoms unless instructed to evolve them. Note: If a popup message references Sterilisation air filters, counter with the appropriate transmission:

  • Planes > evolve Air 1
  • Ships > evolve Water 1

Note: If a popup message reading "ICure device announced" appears, wait for the popup reading "ICure released globally" and immediately evolve the abilities Rash and Sweating to counter.

  1. Choose Prion on Casual Difficulty with the following genes:
  2. Start in the USA.
  3. Evolve the following transmissions and abilities:
  4. Wait until every country is infected.
  5. Evolve the following symptoms:
  6. Save 23 DNA points and evolve the symptoms Seizures and Insanity.
  7. Immediately devolve Seizures.
  8. Wait for a popup message reading: Space Cure mission planned. It may take a while. It happens to me at 76% cure.
  9. Devolve everything except Insomnia, Paranoia, and insanity.
  10. Wait for popup message reading: Space Cure mission launches! Evolve Genetic ReShuffles if cure gets to 95%. Evolve Inflammation, Paralysis and Coma if you are running out of time. Message still popup when less than 1 million of population dead for me.
  11. Evolve Inflammation, Seizures and Dysentery.
  12. Wait for a popup message reading: Space Cure mission failure! Happened with 49 million people dead.

The achievement will now have been earned. - GamerSketch (credit: katrina at Yo It’s Spicy blog)


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