The following are strategies and tips for the Peer Pressure achievement. Please feel free to add your own below:

Strategy 1

Genetic Code


  1. Start with the plague type Prion.
  2. It is recommended to start in China or India, although any starting country may be chosen.
  3. Wait until everyone in your starting country is infected.
  4. Evolve Nausea, Coughing, or Rash, all tier 1 symptoms that doctors may/may not notice. Nausea is the least likely to be noticed.
  5. Wait until a popup appears, stating "Rumors of a mystery plague in <starting country>." Content says that people have become frenzied over this plague and are starting riots over it.
  6. Just keep waiting until the next pop-up appears, "Protestors claim 'Mystery Plague' is real." Don't evolve any other symptom than the one that has already been evolved.
  7. Finally, a message saying (May be several in-game months after previous popup): "Riots in <starting country>." At this point, the people who are infected with the plague will force the government to take action and investigate the "mystery plague"
  8. At this point, a popup message saying: "Mystery Plague is Real" should appear. At this point, the achievement has been earned, and the world knows about the mystery plague.

Strategy 2

NOTE: This strategy is incredibly unreliable and the strategist who developed it is not sure of any of the beginning factors which determined their success. Thus, it is recommended to try the strategy above first. 

  1. To use this strategy, you do not need any genetic code. Try to use genes with no drawbacks (no "easier to cure" genes, etc.)
  2. It is recommended to start with Fungus, but it is not mandatory to use this plague type. Start the plague in China/Egypt on Brutal difficulty. 
  3. Only evolve the symptom Coughing, and devolve any other traits which mutate.
  4. After 2 years and 4 months, the strategist saw the following headlines: Aug 11, 2017: Rumours of mysterious illness in <starting country> /Sep 2, 2017: Protesters claim "Mystery Plague" is real/Oct 3, 2017: Riots in China over "Mystery Plague"/ "Mystery Plague" is real/
  5. After this event is triggered, Peer Pressure is acquired.
  6. Disease Graph: No change in infectivity or lethality. Severity increased by 1%.
  7. Cure Graph: No change in cure requirement or research conducted.
  8. General Comment: Players that try to avoid starting the cure for a very long time are more likely to acquire this achievement.

Strategy 3

This is how I got it. Start with Bacteria in China. Don't use any genes, and don't evolve any symptoms. The messages will appear in time. Continue devolving any symptoms that mutate, and the achievement should be unlocked.

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