The following are strategies and tips for the Patient Who? achievement. Please feel free to add your own below:

Strategy 1

Recommended genes:

  1. Play as Prion on Casual Difficulty.
  2. It is recommended to start in the USA. However, one can start in any country they want.
  3. If one starts in the USA, evolve Drug Resistance 1 as soon as possible to speed up infection rates. Wait until the plague starts infecting other countries while saving up enough DNA Points for Air 1, Water 1, Heat Resistance 1 and Cold Resistance 1. Wait again until everyone has been infected.
  4. Players will then start killing people slowly using these the symptoms Nausea, VomitingDiarrhoea, Coughing, Pneumonia, Sneezing, Rash, Sweating, Cysts, Hyper sensitivity, and Abscesses. Players will then be noticed by governments who will then start cure research. To slow down cure research, evolve the following: Neural Atrophy 1, 2, 3, Insomnia, Paranoia, Anaemia.
  5. The daily death rate should be at less than 1000. Wait for a popup saying approximately "CDC hunting down Patient Zero." Wait again for another popup saying "CDC closing in on Patient Zero."
  6. While waiting, a country may start sending blue cure planes in order to send research to other facilities. Players should pop blue cure bubbles to earn DNA. These extra DNA points should be used to evolve Genetic Hardening 1 and 2, and Genetic ReShuffle 1, 2, and 3 if the player needs more time.
  7.  After the second popup appears, players now need to raise daily death rates to 1,000,000+. It is recommended to evolve some symptoms for dual purpose: Seizures, Inflammation, Insanity, Paralysis and Coma. With these symptoms, players may kill large numbers of people while further slowing down cure progress.

8. Wait until a popup appears saying "CDC fails to hunt down Patient Zero." Players will now earn the achievement. 

Good luck!  - Snowblade27

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