The following are strategies, tips, and Q&A for the Not Another Zombie Game achievement.

Strategy 1

  • Author: Bihapove


  • "[Disease Name] is a form of Rabies" is the event that stops cure research, not "No Link to Rabies"
  • Winning without neither Rabies event nor Cytopathic Reanimation used to be possible, but a recent update has increased Necroa Virus's Cure Research Speed by 100%, making Rabies events essential.
  • Devolving a symptom will trigger another mutation instantly, unless you have Genetic ReShuffle 2.

Genetic Code


  • Necroa Virus has an incredibly low Cure Requirement.
  • Cytopathic Reanimation is unusable.
  • The only way to deal with the cure is a luck-based event: Rabies


  1. You must be on the main Game gameplay -- Scenarios and Speed Runs are not allowed.
  2. Throughout the whole run, Cytopathic Reanimation is not allowed.
  3. The disease must start in India.
  4. Saliva 1 and Zoonotic Shift must be evolved before Day 53.
  5. Bat 1 must be evolved before India is fully infected.
  6. If the previous requirements are fulfilled, there is a chance that Rabies event sequence now begins, producing a news event called "Colony of rabid bats triggers town evacuation".
  7. Two news pieces, called "WHO starts Rabies Eradication Initiative" and "Film about Rabies epidemic becomes global hit" will pop up after a random time. Your disease must not be detected until both have popped up.
  8. To proceed, Acute Encephalitis must be evolved and your Severity must be exactly 14. This can be achieved by owning Insomnia, Fever, Photophobia, Coma, Acute Encephalitis and Hyper Salivation.
  9. If all the previous requirements are fulfilled, there is a (relatively high) chance that a pop-up window called "[Disease name] is a form of Rabies" will appear. Once this happens, researches are stopped. The cure meter still increases slowly, but no valid cure will ever be reached.
  10. If your Severity is no longer 14, a pop-up window called 'Rabies link false' shows up, reverting research speed back to normal.


  • Necroa Virus has a horrible passive effect called 'Forced Mutation'.
  • If a mutation happens, but the system finds out that you have no symptoms (meaning you have devolved the symptom), it has a significant chance to trigger another mutation instantly.
  • Evolving Genetic ReShuffle 2 after the mutation will prevent this from happening.

Strategy 2

  1. Start in India.
  2. Evolve Saliva 1 and Zoonotic Shift immediately. This must be done before Day 53.
  3. Evolve Bat 1.
  4. Evolve Drug Resistance 1, Genetic Hardening and Genetic ReShuffle 1.
  5. If a mutation happens, devolve it and evolve Genetic ReShuffle 2. Do not turn off the mutation warning screen during this.
  6. Keep checking the news box to see if Town Evacuation news happens. If it doesn't show up before India is fully infected, restart your game.
  7. Devolve Bat 1 and save your game. (Sadly, this is not available on mobile)
  8. If a second mutation happens, devolve it. Then devolve and evolve Genetic ReShuffle 2.
  9. If a third mutation happens, load your save file.
  10. Wait until you have 40 DNA points. Then evolve Cold Resistance 1 and save the game.
  11. Wait until you have 50 DNA points. Then evolve Cold Resistance 2 and save the game.
  12. Wait until the whole world is infected, both news have popped up and you have at least 75 DNA points.
  13. After collecting at least 75 DNA points, evolve Insomnia, Fever, Photophobia, Coma, Acute Encephalitis and Hyper Salivation at the same time. Then you may save your game.
  14. Wait for "[Disease name] is a form of Rabies" to pop up. If it doesn't, load your save file.
  15. Acute Encephalitis has very poor lethality, so finishing off the last humans might take several hundred days, but don't evolve any other symptoms. If any of them mutated, devolve it.
  • Congratulations on getting the most difficult achievement ever.


  • Tested this on mobile, worked seamlessly even though I didn't utilize the save function. - Anonymous
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