The following are strategies for the Non Starter achievement. Please feel free to add your own strategies, tips, and Q&A here:

Strategy 1

Recommended genes:

  1. Start the Necroa Virus in the USA.
  2. Evolve the transmission Saliva 1 and the ability Drug Resistance 1. This must be done within the first 60 days.
  3. Wait for a popup message which reads:
  4. Watch for two red News headlines:
    • Darkwater denies containment breach in weapons facility
    • DarkWater weapons facility shut down over security fears
  5. Save 44 DNA points and evolve the symptoms Insomnia, Fever, Photophobia, Delirium and Cytopathic Reanimation.
  6. Evolve the abilities Horde Instinct, Horde Mentality, Horde Vocalisation and Horde Pheromones.
  7. Avoid the popup message "Authorities can't protect from <plague name>" by using the active ability Zombie Horde to move zombies out of the USA whenever the number of zombies there exceeds 2 million.
  8. Wait for a pop-up message reading:
    • DarkWater created <plague name>
  9. Evolve the transmission Segmented Genome.
  10. Wait for a pop-up message reading:
    • DarkWater fails to analyse <plague name>

The achievement will now have been earned. - GamerSketch (Credit to StarViruZ at AppAddicted Forums)

Strategy 2

  • Start the game with settings above, only with the Darwinist gene
  • Evolve Drug Resistance 1 and Saliva 1 before 60 days
  • Don't do anything to be on the safe side. Instead, play the waiting game and save DNA points for Cytopathic Reanimation. If a symptom mutates, devolve (max of 2 devolves)
  • If everyone is infected, evolve Cytopathic Reanimation now! But if you reached the max of 2 devolves and a 3rd mutation occurs, wait until the cure is 60%, then evolve it.
  • After few days or months of a zombie outbreak, a DarkWater popup will appear saying something about the zombies started in their laboratory. Now play the waiting game again and save 30 DNA points.
  • When a popup appears and saying something like this: "DarkWater wants to analyze [name of virus]"
  • (Optional) Save the game now if you want to achieve Dead End.
  • Evolve Segmented Genome, a transmission.
  • Now wait until a popup appears saying  "DarkWater failed to analyze [name of virus]"
  • Achievement Unlocked! Whether you lose or win the achievement has been won!
    • Zombie population of USA must be under 4 million at all times or else a pop-up will say: "Authorities can't protect from zombies" meaning that you won't get the achievement no matter how long you wait.
    • Use the Horde Pheromones ability to move millions of zombies out of USA to avoid this.
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