The following are strategies for the No Idea achievement. Please feel free to add your own strategies, tips, and Q&A here:

Strategy 1

DISCLAIMER: This strategy may take multiple times to work, so never give up!

The genes I used to get this achievement were:

These genes are NOT required. You can change them.

Recommended in Casual.

You don't have to look for any specific pop ups, but they probably will appear.

  1. I, personally, started in Egypt, but you can start wherever. If you start in a rich country, use DNA points for Drug Resistance 1.
  2. Start evolving Transmission upgrades. It doesn't matter which. Even if it increases mutation, that is okay. The mutations will hopefully help increase infectivity.
  3. You'll probably get noticed after a while. Let some more symptoms evolve, watch the cure stagger up a bit, and hope that every country gets infected before 1 year. Transmission and mutated symptoms should help speed up this process. If the cure gets too high for your comfort, evolve Simian Neuro-Genesis to setback the cure efforts. If it still doesn't satisfy you, evolve one or two Genetic Reshuffles and the Genetic Hardenings. Save the last few Genetic Reshuffle(s) for later.
  4. Once every country is infected, and the infected population is about 7 billion, evolve Total Brain Death if it hasn't been more than a year, and any other Neuro-enhancements if they haven't been mutated by then. The other symptoms and Transmissions should help infect the last healthy people.
  5. Watch the world burn, and fight the cure. You'd probably be angry if you had done all the other steps successfully, and then they finish the cure. If you haven't already, use those last Genetic Reshuffle(s). Eventually the cure should come to a halt. Don't be concerned if you start on 4/30/16 or a date like that, evolve Total Brain Death before one year comes around, and then it takes until about 9/21/17 or a similar date for the game to end. You only need to evolve Total Brain Death before a year. Oh, and remember to grab some food and a beverage.
  6. Feel accomplished when you end the game and get dat sweet, sweet achievement.

Thanks for reading.

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