The following are strategies and tips for the Black Death scenario. Please feel free to add your own below:

Strategy 1

Recommended Genes:

Things to take note of before starting:

  • This type of plague starts with quite severe symptoms at the beginning of the game,so it is easily discovered.As such,the players must increase infectivity rapidly to get the upper hand.
  • Remember to be careful as this plague can get out of control with it mutations.
  • Allow all mutations but watch out for those that are extremely lethal if they mutate before you infect everyone.In this case,remember to devolve them first.
  • Metabolic Jump will make this game much easier because of the high costs needed in the early stages of the game.
  1. Start your plague in South Africa.
  2. Build your points to 15.
  3. Get Flea 2 and Rodent 1.
  4. Build your points to around 45.
  5. Get Rodent 2, Bird 1 and Livestock 1
  6. Build your points to around 45.
  7. Get Bird 2 and Livestock 2 .
  8. Build your points to around 65.
  9. Get Extreme Zoonosis,Drug Resistance 1,Heat Resistance 1 and Cold Resistance 1.
  10. Build your points to around 70.
  11. Get Drug Resistance 2,Heat Resistance 2 and Cold Resistance 2.
  12. At this point put whatever remaining points into Genetic Hardening and Genetic Reshuffle. This will be your main priority.Don't forget to get Pneumonic Plague and Septicemic Plague if you have extra points.
  13. Do not worry about symptoms, let them mutate by themselves and only watch out for extremely lethal symptoms and devolve them.
Note:for the next few points i will not be providing cost suggestions because this is where the game starts being hard to control
Warning:always leave some points as backup in case you need to use Genetic Reshuffle ,Genetic Hardening or Hardened Reshuffle.
  1. When everyone is infected,you could devolve all unneeded traits to get some extra points,otherwise work your way to the most lethal symptoms and kill everyone.
  2. Let the remaining people die.

Congrats,you have won the game.

Strategy 3 (MEGA BRUTAL 3 Biohazzards)

by Bihapove

This strategy was tested on the mobile version.

My record: Best 74578, and 3 three-biohazzard-mega-brutal among 10 MB attempts.

Most common failure: New Zealand, Argentina, Greenland, Iceland, "Awareness Day"

Recommended Genes:


  1. Start in China
  2. Evolve Rodent 1 immediately.
  3. Allow all mutations, except very lethal symptoms and Immune Suppression (it increases mutation).
  4. Get these upgrades in the given order:
  5. At this point, go into the Countries page and look for any country that isn't 100% infected yet. Then evolve a corresponding upgrade that helps your pathogen spread in its climate.
  6. Invest your spare DNA points in Genetic Reshuffles.


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