The following are strategies for the Banana Skin achievement. Please feel free to add your own strategies, tips, and Q&A here:

Strategy 1

Recommended genes:

  1. Start Necroa Virus on Casual difficulty.
  2. Start in the UK.
  3. Evolve the transmissions Segmented Genome and Saliva 1. This must be done within the first 60 days.
  4. Wait for a popup message which reads:
    • PfiGlax announces early success for AIDS cure
  5. Watch for two red News headlines:
    • Blog claims PfiGlax struggling with virus mutation
    • PfiGlax executives in huge share sell off
  6. When you have 44 DNA Points, evolve the symptoms Insomnia, Fever, Photophobia, Delirium and Cytopathic Reanimation.
  7. Try to keep UK alive, moving out excess zombies as needed, and wait for pop-up messages reading:
    • PfiGlax linked to <plague name>
    • PfiGlax link to <plague name> confirmed
  8. Evolve the abilities Autolytic Delay, Putrefactive Resistance and Liquefactive Resistance.
  9. Wait for a popup message reading:
    • PfiGlax fails to manipulate <plague name>

The achievement will now have been earned. - GamerSketch (Credit to Mace of Yo It's Spicy)

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