Plague Inc. Wiki

The following are strategies and tips for the Simian Flu-exclusive achievement An Ape is for Life.... Please feel free to add your own below:

Strategy 1

  1. Start in Greenland
  2. Once a Gen-Sys lab opens up, evolve the ability Simian Neuro-genesis.
  3. Evolve the ability Ape Colonies, then build a colony in Greenland using the active ability Create Colony.
  4. Win the game without moving the colony from Greenland to anywhere else (it is still possible to create other colonies with the transmission Hominidae Bridge)

Strategy 2

To clarify, I am referring to this video. I am not the creator, but I would like to share the strategy, since strategy 1 did not help me.

You can use the following genes, but it's not neccesary:

  1. Start in Greenland on Casual mode.
  2. Evolve Simian Neuro-genesis, Ape Colonies right after and place your first and only colony in, who would've thought, Greenland.
  3. Start by evolving the abilities Cognitive Shift, Social Cohesion and Education.
  4. Then head over to Transmissions and get Water 1 and 2. Continue with the ability Drug Resistance 1 and follow up with Air 1 and 2.
  5. Now focus on Drug Resistance 2 and Heat Resistance 1. After that get Extreme Bioaerosol.
  6. To speed up the infection, evolve Blood 1, 2 and Extreme Haemoaerosol.
  7. Follow up with Neuro-enhancement 1, 2, 3 and right after that Total Brain Death.
  8. Continue with Fomites 1, 2 and 3.
  9. When all countries and nearly the whole world is infected, get some Symptoms like Headache, Fever, Photophobia, Subconjunctival Bleed, Subconjunctival Haemorrhage and Coma.
  10. Now you can just wait until you win. If you struggle, evolve Genetic Hardening and Genetic ReShuffle.