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Strategy 1

Basic Information


  • Normal

Task Force

No Advisor Required


  1. Start in Central Europe
  2. Upgrade this operations: Investigate Outbreaks, Government Partnerships & Deploy Field Operatives
  3. Search in the countries with more air and sea routes such as the UK, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, South Africa, India, China, Russia, the USA & Brazil
  4. When the country of origin is found, investigate the rest of the continent to verify that nearby countries have been infected.
  5. Close all airports and seaports on the origin continent.
  6. In the meantime, inspect other nearby continents to see if the pathogen has spread there. Also save resources to enable Furlough Schemes & Vaccine Resarch.
  7. After that, use the operations of Adapt Society, Public Warning & Accelerated Research
  8. If the disease spreads to other continents, close certain routes, in the case of South America & Asia-Pacific, close seaports, and in the case of North America, Europe & Africa, close airports.
  9. Enable Targeted Economic Aid & Debt Relief, to be used in countries that do not comply with the quarantine
  10. Enable Public Warning & Public Alert. Additionally, use the operation "Mortgage and Rent Relief", to reduce the Non-Compliance Risk.
  11. In the origin continent , use "Force Lockdown". Also enable the response "Disinfectant Supplies" to prevent infections. Use Targeted Quarantine, in the case that a country on another continent begins to have many infections. (See Example Image 1 in Gallery)
  12. Then, close the air o sea routes of a continent that is beginning to have more infections
  13. Use the operation "National Stimulus".
  14. After a while, the contagions in the continent of origin will decrease but in another continent it will be infected quickly so you will have to use "Force Lockdown" for the other continent, at least keep 3 continents in quarantine. (See Example Image 2 in Gallery)
  15. Enable Clinical Treatments to reduce the fatality rate.
  16. At the same time, close more sea and air routes in other continents
  17. Use the Responses of Public Awareness, Ventilators & Contact Tracing 1
  18. Use Targeted Economic Aid for countries that do not comply with quarantines.
  19. Use PPE Package 1, Social Distancing to prevent infections
  20. Enable Vaccine Manufacturing & Accelerated Manufacturing
  21. Use the Responses of Critical Care Management, Contact Tracing 2, 3 & 4