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Strategy 1

Basic Information

Author: FallenThePro

Difficulty: N/A

Note: 100% success rate, I tried for 7 times and it all worked. Do not reduce fatality rate because it is infinity and the bar will keep full.


  1. Set up your base in Saudi Arabia and fund Investigate Outbreaks and Government Partnerships and Deploy Field Operatives.
  2. Send the base to Brazil, USA, Canada, Germany, Russia, C. Africa, China and Australia.
  3. The disease should be found and then fund Rapid Analysis
  4. Wait for analysis to finish
  5. Fund Extend Incubation 1 and 2, Reassure Infected 1 and 2, Vaccine Research.
  6. Fund Neuro Enhancers.
  7. Fund Accelerated research, Vaccine Manufacturing, Accelerated Manufacturing.
  8. Use all sort of stuff to reduce Infection rate and Compliance Risk
  9. The world should be infected a lot. then when most countries infected, lockdown the whole world.
  10. deal with all sorts of Authority loss and wait for the Vaccine to be done plus starting to be released to the world.
  11. Refund all Quarantine stuff to buy Authority 1-3 and censorship (If censorship ends before disease eradicated, buy fake news.)
  12. You cured the disease and now.
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