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The following are strategies for the Parasite plague type in the Cure Mode. Please read the Wiki Rules, before adding a strategy, tips or Q&A here.
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Strategy 1

Basic Information


  • Normal

Task Force

No Advisor Required


  • Start in France
  • Upgrade this operations: Investigate Outbreaks, Government Partnerships & Deploy Field Operatives
  • Try to send your outbreak detection team to countries that have enough air or sea routes such as the United Kingdom, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, Russia, South Africa, Brazil, China, Japan, Indonesia, United States and C. America.
  • After finding the country of origin, it immediately closes the land borders, airports and seaports. (See Example Image 1 in Gallery)
  • Save some resources and use the Outbreak Intelligence Unit, to better detect outbreaks in different countries. Then use economic measures such as Furlough Schemes and Adapt Society so that people comply with lockdowns.
  • Then enable the responses of Contact Tracing 1, Land Border Screening & Emergency Preparation.
  • Then activate the lockdown on the continent of origin. If in the case that the plague reaches countries on other continents, enable Targeted Quarantine.(See Example Image 2 in Gallery)
  • Then save resources to get Airport Screening & Port Screening
  • Enable Contact Tracing 2 & 3
  • If the plague reaches other continents, enable only Force Lockdown to prevent infections from those countries from increasing
  • Enable Testing Capacity 1 & 2
  • Enable the Infection Control operation and send your investigation team to the country with the most infections.
  • Enable the operations of Mortgage and Rent Relief & National Stimulus.
  • Enable Vaccine Research
  • After this, many responses will have to be taken, these are Public Awareness, Hand Washing, Disinfectant Supplies, PPE Package 1 & 2, Improve Supply Chains, Contact Tracing 4 and Testing Capacity 3. These measures will prevent infection and speed the progress of the vaccine.
  • Then the vaccine will be distributed quickly.
  • This strategy may or may not work depending on the continent where the parasite spreads, so you will have to make different variations depending on what happens in the game. The parasite spreads quickly in poor countries, so you will have to use Medical Aid operations.


Strategy 2

Basic Information:

  • Author: DevelopingFan


  • Works for any difficulty, but generally normal difficulty.

Task Force

No Advisor Required.


  1. Since the parasite spreads fast in poor countries, set up in a poor country. Choose C. America or any country in Africa.
  2. Before you hit the start button, go fund Investigate Outbreaks, Government Partnerships, and Field Operatives.
  3. After starting, if you are not in Africa, send the team to West Africa and East Africa. Then send the team to SE Asia and Kazakhstan. You also need to send it to at least one country with a popular seaport or airport, like Saudi Arabia or India. (If you investigate India, no need for going to SE Asia).
  4. After you have prioritized investigating poor countries, head to Central Europe and USA. You should have found the origin country by now.
  5. Quarantine any infected region. No need to shut down airports, seaports, or land borders.
  6. Go for non-compliance reductions. As much as you can until the parasite is analyzed.
  7. After it's analyzed, fund Public Awareness, and head down the routes of the Response to grab PPE 1.
  8. Grab at least one Medical Aid package even if just one poor country is infected. Because the parasite can cause rapid outbreaks there, your authority will go down fast if you don't.
  9. Start researching!
  10. Fund infection control and emergency care.
  11. Send the team to any country that is struggling with the parasite.
  12. Keep on funding fast research and manufacturing.
  13. Focus on the measures to preserve your authority.
  14. Grab some contact tracing and testing to reduce infections.
  15. Optional: Border Monitoring. Land border screening helps best.
  16. You should have cured the parasite by now. Once the vaccine is finished and is starting to release, revert all the quarantine and buy up all the authority.