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Strategy 1 (Quick Game)

Basic Information


  1. Start in Saudi Arabia and get Investigate Outbreaks, Government Partnerships and Deploy Field Operatives.
  2. Send the base to Central Africa, Brazil, USA, Canada, Germany, Russia, China, India and Australia.
  3. The Nano-Virus should be found in no time.
  4. Then get Develop Kill Code, Hack Climate Routines, Hack Secondary Routines, Special codes and Kill code supercomputing.
  5. For Climate hacks, go for the one opposite of the starting climate (For Instance, the plague is in a hot country, then pick scramble cold resistance, or, if the plague is in Canada, pick the hot resistance)
  6. For the remaining 2 abilities, pick the one you want.
  7. Now, pick the fatality prevention response. (Such as Clinical Treatments and up as they increase cure research speed)
  8. Keep your Authority alive then you will win.

Strategy 2 (PC Version)

Basic Information


  • Normal

Task Force

  • Fast Response EMTs
  • Regulation Enforcer
  • Port Controller


  1. Start in Turkey
  2. Enable Investigate Outbreaks, Government Partnerships & Deploy Field Operatives
  3. Investigate quickly in countries with many land borders such as East Africa, Iran, Central Europe, Brazil, West Africa, China, Russia, Bolivia, Germany, Egypt or Saudi Arabia.
  4. After finding an affected country, go to its information tab, there it will report where the disease came from. (See example image 1 in the gallery, the government table reports that the disease came to East Africa by land from Sudan)
  5. After that, the entire continent must be inspected, at the same time, all airports, ports and land borders must be closed.
  6. Enable Furlough Schemes to avoid non-compliance, and Contact Tracing 1 to better identify infections in different countries.
  7. After all the countries of the continent are investigated, apply "Force Lockdown".
  8. Enable Testing Capacity 1
  9. In the case, that the Nano-Virus has reached a country from a different continent, use Targeted Quarantine. (See example image 2 in the gallery)
  10. Check the countries with many air and sea routes such as the UK, C. America, the USA, Brazil or Japan, since they are vulnerable to the Nano-Virus due to their routes. Meanwhile, save resources & enable the following operations : Develop Kill-Code, Hack Climate Routines, Scramble Heat Resistance, Special Codes & Cycle Suspension.
  11. In case there are a lot of infections on another continent, activate "Force Lockdown".
  12. Enable Contact Tracing 2, Clinical Treatments, Adapt Society, as well as alert more continents.
  13. Activate Airport & Land Border Screening. At the moment, all continents must be on alert and all "Force Lockdown" must be activated.
  14. Enable Targeted Economic Aid, and use it in countries with high non-compliance
  15. Close certain routes on different continents, in case there is a lot of non-compliance, remove the land border blocks, and enable Mortagage and Rent Belief.
  16. Enable Authority 1, Contact Tracing 3, Infection Control. If in the case that lockdowns don't work in a country, use Targeted Quarantine & direct the investigation teams to that country. (See example image 3 in the gallery)
  17. Enable Testing Capacity 2 & 3
  18. After that, the Kill-Code will be completed.
  • Note: This strategy may vary depending on the country of origin, so you will have to make variations depending on what happened in the game, you also keep in mind to keep the authority high.


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