The following are strategies for the Fungus plague type in the Cure Mode. Please read the Wiki Rules, before adding a strategy, tips or Q&A here.

Strategy 1

Basic Information


  • Normal

Task Force

No Advisor Required


  1. Start in France
  2. Upgrade this operations: Investigate Outbreaks, Government Partnerships & Deploy Field Operatives
  3. Send your outbreak detection team to search other countries
  4. Always try to look in the countries that have more land borders such as Egypt, East Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iran, India, China, Russia, C. America, Brazil and Bolivia.
  5. When you find the country of origin, try to send your outbreak detection team to the countries of the same continent, to verify if the outbreak has spread. From this period of time, the game will give you many resources while you are investigating for each country, so use those resources to obtain the Economy Help operations.
  6. After you must use "Force Lockdown" to prevent infections from increasing. It is necessary for the countries to have financial aid to prevent citizens from failing to comply with the lockdown.
  7. At this time, the fungus will use its spores to spread to other continents.
  8. So you will have to save your resources, after the analysis is completed. Immediately, quickly use the Micro Ventilation Filters to prevent the fungus from reaching other countries.
  9. After that, you will have to use the "Vaccine Research" operation, in order to develop the cure.
  10. After that, you will have to use the "Force Lockdown" on the other continents, at least keep 3 continents in quarantine and they vary depending on where the infections arise. For example, if Asia is in quarantine and the number of infections has decreased a lot, but in Europe it is not in quarantine and there are many infections, then you deactivate the "Force Lockdown" operation for Asia, this will give you some resources, and enable the "Force Lockdown" for Europe. (You will have to do this constantly in the game) (See Example Image 1 in Gallery)
  11. Enable the Accelerated Research operation, as well as in responses, you must enable actions that help reduce infections (example: Hand Washing or Social Distancing) and actions that reduce fatalities (example: Clinical Treatments and Emergency Preparedness) After that, you will have to use "Authority 1" and "Global Research Treaty" to avoid that your authority decreases and that the cure is faster. (Keep in mind that if you are losing a lot of authority use Authority 2 & 3 plus Fake News)
  12. In responses, use "Contact Tracin 1 & 2" to better identify disease outbreaks.
  13. Then enable "Infection Control" and "Emergency Care", and send your team to the country that has the most infected. (You will have to do this constantly in the game)
  14. Then, use "Testin Capacity 1 & 2", as well as use more responses that help avoid contagion and fatality.
  15. After that, use Vaccine Manufacturing, Accelerated Manufacturing, Global Manufacturing Treaty for the vaccine to be produced quickly.
  16. This strategy may or may not work depending on where the spores fall, so you will have to make different variations depending on what happens in the game (Example, if you lose a lot of authority, always try to do everything possible to enable Operations that prevent this or if there are many contagions you must enable several responses to avoid infections). But always keep in mind that "Force Lockdown" is essential to win the game.


Strategy 2


  • Mega Brutal

Task Force :

  • Disease Advisors: Forensic Epidemiologist (We will need the cure to be fast to avoid much delay)
  • Quarantine Advisors: Celebrity Scientist (Quarantine is going to be the main strategy here)
  • Outbreak Advisors: Strategic Fundraiser/Technical Officer (I personally chose the first so I could get a bit more funds make the strategy faster)
  • Field Advisors: Crisis Manager (We will have to lower authority loss in the high infection rate country we will be sending our Operatives)
  • Operation Advisors: Medical Coordinator (Panic is going to be our main source of Authority Loss for the most part if we do things right)


This strategy is heavily focused on lockdowns. Under almost no circumstances will we ever lift the lockdowns unless extremely necessary while we end up locking the entire world. The Advisors are recommended but feel free to try without them. We are not going to be needing many of the things on the Symptoms Tree since we will be locking the countries anyway. We are gonna be using the Abilities Tree though especially the Economy and Authority Boosts.

Lets get right into it.


Start somewhere not easily accessible with not many borders but kind of in the middle. I went for Madagascar since disease can start in Africa but you can also choose Iceland or Caribbean or anything really not easily accessible. Fungus spreads in random bursts of course so country to country is not much of an issue here.

  1. Immediately Evolve Investigate Outbreaks, Government Partnerships & Deploy Field Operatives
  2. Start sending your Operatives through countries to find the disease outbreak or wait till it pops up from one of the random planes you will be sending.
  3. Once you find the country and the faster that happens, well, the better , go to that country and Force Lockdown on its Continent. You don't have to worry about compliance from the other countries since if you have the whole continent investigated only the countries with outbreaks will lockdown.
  4. Compliance should be going up by now and Lethality will be quite high too. So go ahead and evolve the first economic boost Furlough Schemes to lower that out.
  5. From now on you wont be needing much else until the Analysis is completed. So better save up points. You will be popping some bubbles from newly infected countries by now so you will have more DNA. Once the analysis is completed, Quickly evolve Micro Ventilation Filters so that the Fungus does not get out of hand before we are ready to react.
  6. You should have enough DNA saved by now. Our main point is to start locking down all the Continents slowly focusing with the ones with outbreaks at the start, keeping compliance down while investing into cure upgrades. Start cure research and lock your 2nd Continent. The more we invest into economic upgrades like Adapt Society ,Mortgage and Rent Relief the more countries we can lock down.
  7. After you lock your 2nd Continent IF infection are soaring high and the Infection bar is quite increased you can go ahead and upgrade a couple of the upgrades In the Symptom Tree from the top right till Social Distancing. Disinfectant Supplies and Public Awareness can be skipped. Also Contact Tracing is not that necessary but you can go for one if infections in the countries are picking up.
  8. By now you should have fought the infectivity quite a bit so you can focus back on locking countries and speeding up the cure. Lock the 3rd important Continent and start Vaccine Manufacturing and Accelerated Research.
  9. If you notice the infections in the country your Operatives are in are speeding up you could also evolve Infection Control or if lethality is going up, Emergency Care.
  10. If you get lucky and no other countries have huge infections you could potentially stay in the origin Country and speed up the research by upgrading Field Research. Otherwise You will have to swap countries looking at where the Health System is getting piled up by checking the World Infection Spread Tab.
  11. Now lets lock our 4th Continent with immediate outbreaks while also evolving National Stimulus.
  12. At this point we should talk about Authority. Each playthrough may vary depending on the countries and their Health Systems since panic can vary a lot. In the generic consensus though you should not be experiencing much of Authority loss if all goes well and fast. However keeping Authority Above 80 is highly recommended to keep the cure at a speedy pace. So I totally recommend to evolve Authority 1 and Censorship if you see the numbers going down a bit fast to buy you some time for important upgrades between lockdowns. You should keep Authority 2 and Fake News during the end game of the strategy to ensure better scores and 0 failures.
  13. At this point it is mostly a waiting game while we speed up the cure and take and necessary steps into combating the infections in countries that are not keeping up by sending our Operatives to another Country. But we should not forget the Manufacturing of the Vaccine. You probably wont be needing the Global Research Treaty as it costs too much and Manufacturing can also take quite a lot too. So from now on keep in mind about evolving Contact Tracing 2&3, Testing Capacity 1&2 but Accelerated Manufacturing should start well before 60-80days of Vaccine Completion.
  14. All Continents should be locked down by now if you haven't done that already with minimum to no Authority Loss.
  15. While we wait for the last moments of the Cure to be manufactured and release just keep in mind to time Authority 2 and Fake News so that nothing goes wrong.
  16. And there you have it. Games may vary depending on the countries the spores fall but if you act fast enough it is definitely plausible. Just another HINT:IF for any reason you need to unlock a continent do it but slowly watch the infection rate and immediately lock down if proven high. Forcing Lockdowns is extremely important to stop infections in this Plague Type so play along those lines. Duration should be a bit less than a year or more.
  17. Antifungal upgrades are not necessary either.

Strategy 3


  • Mega Brutal

Task Force :

  • Disease Advisors: Forensic Epidemiologist
  • Quarantine Advisors: Celebrity Scientist
  • Outbreak Advisors: Construction Manager
  • Field Advisors: Crisis Manager
  • Operation Advisors: Medical Coordinator

The aim is reduce all forms of authority loss from deaths, panic and non-compliance, as well as speeding up cure research.


  • Start in India.
  • Immediately evolve Investigate Outbreaks and Deploy Field Operatives. Don't bother with Government Partnerships, save the resource points as it doesn't matter how quickly you find outbreaks.
  • Start flying your field operatives around the world. One coverage pattern is to go left through the Middle East, clockwise around Africa, across to South America, up to North America then back to Europe via Greenland. Hopefully the automatic planes will have uncovered most of Asia-Pacific in this time.
  • As you explore and gain resources, evolve Furlough Schemes, Mortgage and Rent Relief and National Stimulus in preparation for the eventual lockdowns.
  • Head to the Quarantine tab and click [Continent] Alert and Force Lockdown for the continent with the reddest country, usually where the infection started.
  • As soon as the analysis is at 100%, evolve Micron Ventilation Filters to slow the spread, and start Vaccine Research.
  • Enforce Lockdown on the continent with the most red infected patches. Evolve Adapt Society next, to complete that research chain.
  • If there are still countries to explore, keep going and evolve Accelerated Research. Otherwise fly around to any countries with high infection or non-compliance rates to calm them down. You can also evolve Handwashing to get the infection rate down a little.
  • Enforce Lockdown on a third continent.
  • We want to speed the cure up so evolve Field Research and camp in the Origin Country unless you need to quell an outbreak in a continent that hasn't been locked down yet.
  • We want to get the fatality rate down to prevent authority loss from death, so evolve Emergency Preparation and Critical Care Management.
  • Go ahead and Enforce Lockdown on your fourth continent.
  • Once vaccine research reaches 50% or the cost drops to 14 research points, evolve Vaccine Manufacturing.
  • Enforce Lockdown on the fifth and final continent. Boost your authority with Authority 1 if it's getting a little low.
  • At this point, the first couple of continents you locked down may start to show non-compliance as infections reduce or non-infected countries get bored. Revoke the lockdown and leave it for a few seconds until there is visible infection spread, then lock it back down. This will be crucial to stop the rapid hemorrhaging of authority, so do it as often as needed.
  • Evolve Accelerated Manufacturing and Treatment Efficiencies to get the fatality rate down even lower.
  • Reset the infection rate with Antifungal 1 to slow the infection spread and any panic.
  • From here, we are just waiting out the vaccine manufacturing and trying to stem authority loss . Speed it up by researching Improve Supply Chains.
  • Keep revoking and re-applying lockdowns as needed, You can try Targeted Economic Aid if it's just one country in a continent. Make use of Authority 2, Fake News and Censorship if authority keeps dropping.
  • You can use up some excess resources on PPE Package 1, Advanced Antifungals, IV Fluid Therapy but it doesn't matter too much. Just keep some resources up your sleeve in case you need to pause authority loss with Fake News and Censorship towards the end of manufacturing and release.

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