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Strategy 1

Basic Information


I came up with a Cure Mode strategy which works for Bacteria on Mega Brutal. With some modifications, it seems to work on Viruses, Parasites, and a few other disease types but not quite as well since those are harder to defeat than Bacteria, and I have mostly just tested it on Bacteria. It actually works for Bacteria on any difficulty level.

First of all, start a game in Cure Mode, then choose Bacteria, then select a game difficulty. I suggest playing on Casual until you discover 100% of Advisors, then doing the harder difficulty levels up to Mega Brutal.

For Disease Advisors, Forensic Epidemiologist is best, increasing Vaccine Research Speed. The other 4 are useless for this strategy, at least against Bacteria, because we are just going to let the disease spread to every country, and Bacteria do not need to be analyzed.

For Field Advisors, Crisis Manager is good, slowing Authority loss where you are deployed. Another option is Fast Response EMTs to increase the Field Operatives travel speed. The other 3 are useless for this strategy, because Non-Compliance is completely irrelevant in this strategy.

For Quarantine Advisors, it doesn’t matter, all 5 of them are useless in this strategy, pick anything. They all involve Quarantine actions and Non-Compliance which are irrelevant in this strategy. Personally I went with Celebrity Scientist since that seems like a generally useful one for strategies that do involve Non-Compliance, as it simply reduces Non-Compliance without altering the actions of governments like the others.

For Operation Advisors, Medical Coordinator is probably the best choice, to reduce Authority loss from Panic, although the others are valid choices too.

For Outbreak Advisors, Technical Officer is definitely the best choice for this strategy, to reduce global Infection rate, and the main focus of this strategy is reducing Infection rates. Don’t choose Regulation Enforcer since we won’t do any Lockdowns, it is irrelevant.

If you don’t have all these options, it is not a big deal, you can probably still win anyway, especially if you are on an easier difficulty mode, but you probably want to get all of those Advisors before doing Mega Brutal.

Alright so now start the game with those Advisors (or the best you could do). As far as what country to be your HQ, this is not very important, but you probably want something centrally located on the world map so that when you find out where the outbreak actually is, you can get there faster. Egypt is right in the middle of the map so start there.

Now go to the Operation tab of the Control menu immediately, and get Investigate Outbreaks, Deploy Field Operatives, and Government Partnerships. This should use up all your Resources.

Go back to the map and wait for the disease to be detected or red dots to appear on the map. Once that happens, go to the Control menu and see if the Origin Country is known yet. If so, go there using your Field Operatives. If not, guess which country it started in, by looking at which countries have red dots and picking the one that seems to be in the middle. After you do this, check in the Control menu for the Origin Country again if you didn’t get it the first time, and once it shows up, send your field operatives to the Origin Country.

OK, now it is time to get serious about combating this disease. We do not care about Compliance Risk at all and will not be doing any Quarantines, and Fatality Rate is a much more minor concern than Infection Rate. The main focus is Infection Rate. Also we need to research a Vaccine and manufacture it.

But the top priority at the beginning is Infection Rate. Immediately invest in Infection Control in the Operation tab so that your Field Operatives fight infections instead of spreading them.

Then go to the Response tab and invest in things on the top side, not the bottom side, things that reduce Infection Rate, as well as Contact Tracing.

I suggest first doing Contact Tracing 1, then Hand Washing, then Disinfectant Supplies, then Public Awareness, then Self-Isolation, then Contact Tracing 2.

After this, save up enough Resources to you can start Vaccine Research in the Operation tab. Then when you have enough Resources, get Field Research, while you are still in the Origin Country. Next, start up Vaccine Manufacturing.

Now go back to the Response tab and get Border Monitoring, Testing Capacity 1, and Social Distancing.

Now go to the World menu, Data tab, Infection Spread Summary, and see which country is the most infected. If it is not the country your Field Operatives are in, move them there. From now on, you should regularly check the World menu, Data tab, Infection Spread Summary every so often and send your Field Operatives to the most infected country on a regular basis, from now until the end of the game.

Now in the Response tab of the Control menu, get PPE Package 1, Contact Tracing 3, and Testing Capacity 2.

Now in the Operation tab of the Control menu, get Accelerated Research and Accelerated Manufacturing.

Now is a good time to check if another country has a higher infection rate than the current one under World menu, Data tab, Infection Spread Summary, and send your Field Operatives there. From now on, please remember to keep doing this regularly yourself.

Next in the Response tab of the Control menu, get PPE Package 2, Contact Tracing 4, Testing Capacity 3, Mask Wearing, Improve Supply Chains, Surge Protocols, New Infrastructure, and Local Lockdowns. You might actually win the game before you are able to get all of these, depending on the difficulty level.

You should be able to win the game easily now if you remember to keep sending your Field Operatives to the most infected country. Once it says “Releasing...” you are basically a winner.

If you experience dangerous levels of Authority loss, you can get Authority 1 on the Operation tab of the Control menu and further options things to boost your Authority after you get Authority 1 such as Authority 2, Censorship, Authority 3, and Fake News. If Authority runs out, you lose the game, but this should not happen with Bacteria and this strategy. Also, since Non-Compliance is not something to worry about in this strategy, it is perfectly safe to use Censorship and Fake News even though they increase Non-Compliance, which is bad in strategies where Non-Compliance actually matters.

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