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Soft Brexit is an achievement where Great Britain (UK in game) leaves the European Union without causing any mayhem. There is a guide on how to get it below:

'<plague name> triggers Soft Brexit' 'Brexit is completed in the UK - paranoid citizens close all borders to prevent scary Europeans from entering and experts manage to avoid economic damage'


Copied from the Steam guide by rjdimo and Solara570.

  • Devolve any mutated traits for now on.
  • Now wait patiently. There will be a pop-up for the Brexit event, which is entitled "UK votes for Brexit in referendum".
  • Save game. See which kind of Brexit you want to trigger and refer to the corresponding section below, if you want to try the other achievements.
  • Now, your disease should be spreading under the radar. Wait until UK is infected.
  • Once UK is infected, evolve Insomnia & Paranoia (Insomnia can be devolved again if needed). At least 5000 infected people are required. Note that if research priority reaches level 6, the brexit will be cancelled instead.
  • Wait patiently. Before UK is fully infected, there should be a pop-up entitled "<plague name> triggers Soft Brexit", where <plague name> is your disease's name. Meanwhile, "Soft Brexit" achievement will be unlocked.

Note: If UK is fully infected, Brexit is likely to be cancelled. You'll miss this achievement, but you still have chance to unlock "No Brexit".