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« Lesions on the limbs and face become raised and sores break open in the mouth, significantly increasing infecitivity »
— Description of the Symptom in Plague Inc.: The Board Game

Skin Lesions is a symptom available in the standard pests and the Frozen Virus scenario. It greatly increases infectivity (the most infective symptom in the basic plagues) by causing large open wounds (large boils on the skin) to form. It has the highest infection rates that overthrows Necrosis (11% to 10%), and is the only non-lethal tier 3 symptom in the normal game.


  • Skin Lesions are highly recommended when infecting people in a quick and effective manner. A perfect starting symptom in standard plagues and multiplayer games.
  • Although not deadly, it is noticed in every plague type on all difficulties, regardless of what the player does, due to its small amount of severity (Other than Symbiosis 3, which is exclusive to the Parasite disease type).


  • It can be evolved with the tier 2 symptom Haemophilia to acquire the Profuse Bleeding symptom combo, which is slightly lethal and increases infection rates. This combo also unlocks the Red Rain achievement.


SkinLesionsCard.png Skin Lesions Symptom Card from Plague Inc.: The Board Game