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$1.99USD, or beating Necroa Virus on Brutal (iOS)
Unlocked by default (Evolved)


July 10, 2014 (mobile)
July 17, 2014 (PC)
July 15, 2014 (Kindle)

Genetically modified. Increases ape intelligence but untested on humans...

The Simian Flu is a special plague added on July 10th 2014 in the Mutation 1.9 update for Plague Inc. It can be purchased for $0.99 USD.

Simian Flu is based on the ALZ-113 virus in the Rise of the Planet of the Apes series of movies. A genetically modified viral medication designed by Gen-Sys to increase human intelligence and cure Alzheimer's disease. The virus is lethal to human patients, but has entirely different side effects on apes.


Simian Flu behaves as like a normal viral plague, killing humans and with a high chance of mutation. Devolving traits costs 4 DNA Points and the costs increase with more de-evolution. However, it also has a somewhat similar ability to the Necroa Virus, the ability to create other hosts of the disease. By evolving Simian Neuro-genesis, infected apes will gain a massive boost to their intelligence. Intelligent apes are not harmed by Simian Flu and can spread it between themselves and humans freely. Intelligent apes are a powerful counter to slow the research of Gen-Sys, who will use apes to try to speed up cure research. Apes can also form Ape Colonies to gather DNA points and protect other apes from human aggression, and migrate to other countries. To win the game, the player must re-balance the playing field by increasing lethality in humans alongside boosting abilities for apes, until humanity is outnumbered by the ape population.



Please see Simian Flu Strategy Guides.


  • The DLC itself resulted in a partnership with 20th Century Fox, the film company who sponsored the Rise of the Planet of The Apes franchise.
  • Four achievements were released for Plague Inc.: Apes will Rise!Not Just a Pretty FaceFilm Fanatic and Great EscApe.
  • In Plague Inc: Evolved, these achievements are in-game before Simian Flu came out, thus making them unobtainable for quite a while.
  • In the movie, Gen-Sys created ALZ-113 as an enhanced version of their ALZ-112 retrovirus to help keep patients from eventually resisting its curative effect. Despite this connection, ALZ-112 is never mentioned in the game.
  • The Simian Flu and the Shadow Plague are the only plague types in the game with lethal Tier 2 symptoms.
  • Despite its name, Simian Flu is not known to be related in any way to Influenza.
  • The logo of the Simian Flu Expansion Pack is Caesar, the leader of the apes from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.


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Plague Inc Evolved - Original Soundtrack - 9 "Simian Dawn"-Simian Flu Theme Song-

Plague Inc Evolved - Original Soundtrack - 9 "Simian Dawn"-Simian Flu Theme Song-


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