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Shadow Slaves is a symptom exclusive to the Shadow Plague DLC.


  • Similar to Transcendence, this symptom causes the infected to gradually grow psychotic, serving their vampire lord(s).
  • With this symptom evolved, the infected will attack WHO laboratories and the healthy, as well as Templars, destroying them without the interference of the Vampire.
  • They will wage wars to take over countries, and they will actively suppress the cure effort in their countries.
  • Once this symptom is in play and the world has been completely infected, Vampires enslaves the world, resulting in a victory.
  • If the player manages to destroy the cure effort and spreads Shadow Plague at an extreme velocity, this could lead to an easy victory. This symptom becomes more vital in the later stages of the game and effectiveness depends on infectivity.
    • However, one could simply just boost the Vampire itself so it can easily infect entire countries.


  • Interestingly, once it's evolved or mutated, Shadow Slaves cannot be devolved.
  • Completing the Shadow Plague without this symptom evolved or mutated earns the Sadomasochist achievement.
  • Evolving this symptom together with Cranial Elephantitis and Malignant Pigmentation earns the Blood Trumps All achievement.
  • It is the Shadow Plague equivalent of Neurax Worm's ability Transcendence. Unlike Transcendence, it can't be devolved.
  • Newsbar will often mention people claiming to serve the vampire lord once this symptom is evolved.