Shadow Blessing
Shadow Blessing
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DNA Cost



The vampire releases the Shadow Plague to help subjugate humanity. Victims develop severe bruising.

Infectivity increase


Severity increase


Lethality increase


Next Symptoms

Vampiric Awakening, Nocturnal, Dark Pustles

Shadow Blessing is a Tier 1 symptom unique to the Shadow Plague DLC.

Effect Edit

Shadow Blessing unlocks many more gameplay options. This includes all regular transmission and all other symptoms. The Vampire will gain access to infection abilities and can greatly assist in spreading the plague, even without transmissions.

The severity will be high enough that it only takes a few infected countries for humanity to notice it and the Vampire. However, Cure effort will never start unless this symptom is evolved, because the Vampire can't be captured and no research can take place.

Trivia Edit

  • Shadow Blessing cannot mutate, unlike any other symptom.
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