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The score is the evaluation system determined by various factors that occur during the game. The score varies depending on the player's decisions. The factors that determine the score are the game time, cure progression, infectivity, severity and lethality.[1]

Score Formula

Main Game

Severity Variable

Note: It refers to your effective severity when the game ends. After you evolve symptoms, it will take several days to assume full potency. The time is related to your plague’s severity increase speed.

DNA Variable

Difficulty Variable

Difficulty Adjustment
Difficulty Value
Casual 1
Normal 4
Brutal 8
Mega-Brutal 12
Brutal (Necroa Virus) 10
Mega-Brutal (Necroa Virus) 10

Plague Variable

Plague Type Adjustment
Difficulty Value
Bacteria 1
Standard Plagues 0.9
Neurax Wom 1.1
Necroa Virus 1.4
Simian Flu 1
Shadow Plague 1

Cure Progress Variable

Standard Plagues & Special Plagues Version

Necroa Virus Version

Lethality Variable


Note: Different Scenarios have different factors.


Scenario Score Multiplier
Scenario Name Score Multiplier Scenario Name Score Multiplier
Artificial Organs 0 Golden Age 0,1
Black Death 0 Ice Age 0,05
Created Equal 0,1 Mad Cow Disease 0
Frozen Virus 0 Mirror Earth 0
Fake News 0 Nipah Virus 0
Global Warming 0,05 Pirate Plague 0


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