Scenario science denial

"People around the world have stopped believing in science, medicine and even diseases. One country decides to offer scientists sanctuary and from here they hope to save humanity from itself! Can you wipe them out in time?" - Plague Inc., Science Denial introduction paragraph

Science Denial is a plague type and scenario in the Mutation 16 update, which also includes the Ultimate Board Games scenario. Similar to Sovereign Default, research has been slashed to about half the usual amount, leaving only 158 flasks worldwide, as the world rejects science. Due to this, research planes and cure bubbles are not present, rendering the Catalytic Switch useless. In the game, a “Super Science” utopia will spawn in a random country, granting that country the maximum Cure Effort potential, with 10 flasks.

The first time the plague is cured, angry anti-science protestors will break into the labs and destroy all research on the virus. Should the science utopia fall, people will stop believe in quarantine and are willing to reopen their borders.

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