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The Scenario Creator is a feature formerly exclusive to Plague Inc: Evolved, and an app in the mobile version as a stand-alone app, with the option to create a custom scenario. It has the same base plagues (Bacteria, Virus, etc. and the expansions for you to use as a starting point) from the main game, and gives you the option of modifying the world's statistics (country name, population, healthcare budgets, etc.), in game events (recommended for expert users only), and a government actions at your disposal. The Scenario Creator is separated into 5 different parts (or labs). It isn't possible to edit complex things like name of D.N.A for example, but can be changed using text editors.

Labs Optional Description and use
Scenario Data No "Allows you to edit basic scenario info, such as the title, icon, as well as more advanced options such as alternative win conditions and message boxes."
Disease Lab Yes "Allows you to create a custom plague to use in your scenario. Modify its basic stats, as well as transmission, symptoms, and abilities."
World Lab Yes "Allows you to modify country attributes, such as population, climate, health care budgets, and border statuses."
Government Actions Lab Yes "Allows you to create and edit actions taken by governments in response to the disease. "
Events Lab Yes "Allows you to create game-changing events and narrative pop ups for your scenario using powerful scripting tools."


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