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S.E Asia (Abbreviation for Southeast Asia) is a poor and rural group of countries. It has a hot, humid climate, and is bordered by India to the West, China to the North, and Indonesia to the South.

Country Information

IG Factbook: "South East Asia is a grouping of countries to the south of China and that border onto the sea to the south. Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. With the India Ocean to the south, this grouping of counties tends to be impacted by the weather systems this influences and creates.  Most Cambodians consider themselves to be Khmers, descendants of the Angkor Empire that extended over much of Southeast Asia and reached its zenith between the 10th and 13th centuries.  Thailand was known as Siam until 1939 and is the only Southeast Asian country never to have been taken over by a European power. The Franco-Siamese Treaty of 1907 defined the current Lao border with Thailand.  The conquest of Vietnam by France began in 1858 and foreign involvement in wars only ended in 1973 when US forces were withdrawn following a cease-fire agreement. Burma has been under military dictatorship for decades, a process with is only just beginning to thaw now following protest and pressure."


Seaport Links

S. E Asia will send and receive ships from China, India, and Japan.


  • Unlike other countries, the city cams shows S.E. Asia remaining relatively calm even as the plague worsens. During widespread disorder or anarchy, the city cam only shows a small peaceful protest with a single policeman standing by.
  • In a news headline, it appears that "Sanctions on Burma lifted", this news refers to when the United States ended all sanctions with Burma in 2016. This event is random and has no real impact on S.E Asia.
  • In other news, it appears that "Kim and Don livestream Fornite from Singapore", this refers to the 2018 North Korea–United States Singapore Summit. Also, at the time this news was added, it was very popular to do a Fortnite livestream.
  • The city cam is located in Thailand, but during its "Widespread Disorder" and "Close to anarchy" statuses, the protest signs are in English instead of Thai. China, Russia, and Brazil also have this same issue.
  • In the mobile version of the game, S.E. Asia has a land border with Indonesia because of Malaysia, however in Plague Inc. Evolved they do not have a land border, since Malaysia is split up between the two.


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